Nyle DiMarco on ‘Dancing’ Debut Mistake

The star who made an impressive debut on 'Dancing With the Stars' reveals the mistake he made on the show's season premiere.
3:48 | 03/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nyle DiMarco on ‘Dancing’ Debut Mistake
03:27 / 03:48 Jesse palmer • PETA • secret weapon • hearing impaired • America • Austin Texas • Texas • special event But right now, nyle is the dancing sensation quickly becoming a fan favorite this season. Looking at him he form you would never know that he's deaf. They're dancing into everybody's hearts. Jesse palmer back with more. Reporter: Communication is a huge part of dancing. But based on nyle and PETA's performance, there's definitely no lack of communication here. â ? ª Reporter: Last week's first- place tying cha- cha- cha brought down the house. â ? ª Reporter: Nyle and PETA nailed it. Exploding on social media. And you thought you were surprised. I was like, wow, I can actually do this. Reporter: How do they do it? Their secret weapon, a signal of cues between them that keep him in step. I have the squeeze, I go like this when I want to be back for the rumba. Good old scratch on the back means turn around. We do it hundreds and hundreds of times. So he gets to feel how long to hold something, how quickly to move through something. Reporter: It doesn't always work. Nyle let fans in on a mistake, when PETA gestured him to come guard N sing language that means, hurry up. We had to hold our frame a little while. Reporter: Interpreter is there every step of practice. But nyle has a secret advantage over the other celebrities. â ? ª Reporter: I get freaked out by the noise and hundreds of people in the ballroom. Nyle can't hear any of that. Reporter: This is what it sounds like for him. He's in his own world with me. It's kind of perfect. Reporter: Nyle's entire family is deaf going back four generations. He's become an overnight hero to the deaf community. To represent them it's an honor for me. Reporter: This week he hosted a communications event for hearing impaired. This superstar model and now dancer is an inspiration to deaf and disabled children. To all of us it's been such a beautiful experience so far. It's just incredible, he's showing America that anybody can dance. No matter what. And I'm so proud of him. What could be more inspirational than that. Real inspirational. Nyle is deeply competed to the deaf community. They relocated their rehearsals to Austin Texas so nyle could be there for that special event. I'm so excited for tonight. Amy and I had the pleasure to be there for the debut last week. Cheering on ginger. We're watching everyone, and wow, what a cast. Nyle, I'm telling you, there's something very charismatic about him. In the piece, you had to go silent, I can't imagine-- When you see that, it gives you a appreciation of the things going on. It's pretty cool. What's the signal, hurry up? That's what David is giving me right now. No. You can see nyle and PETA do the rumba and of course our ginger and Val. We're on team zee. All the competitors tonight on " Dancing with the stars" at 8: 00 / 7: 00 central. #Teamzee. That digital sisterhood that

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"The star who made an impressive debut on 'Dancing With the Stars' reveals the mistake he made on the show's season premiere. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"37967110","title":"Nyle DiMarco on ‘Dancing’ Debut Mistake","url":"/GMA/video/nyle-dimarco-admits-dwts-mistake-37967110"}