Obama Renews Push for Healthcare Enrollment

With the White House saying Healthcare.gov works for most users, enrollments ramp up.
3:00 | 12/03/13

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Transcript for Obama Renews Push for Healthcare Enrollment
We're going to washington now. Where president obama coming off an announcement that the health care website is mostly fixed, will make a push to get more enrolled in insurance. The white house is really racing against the clock now. Reporter: That's right. And, george, this is a big, new p.R. Push beyond just trying to get more people to enroll. The white house is trying to turn public opinion on this by reminding people of what they say are the benefits of the health care law for everybody. Things like ending discrimination for people who have pre-existing conditions. And expanding coverage to millions of people who never had health insurance. And there will be a political component to the president's message today, and pushed every day for the next three weeks. The white house will be saying, the republicans simply have no alternative to this health law. You saw the website working at a much higher capacity yesterday. But still, a lot of bugs that could surprise people as they enroll. Reporter: Yes. And one of the biggest problems here, george, is even for those who have managed to navigate through the website or enroll or think they have enrolled, are finding the information has not gotten to the insurers. We talked to a gentleman in georgia yesterday, after two months of trying, got enrolled on the website. But when he called the insurance company to confirm and get his card, they had no record. The white house will not tell us how widespread this problem is. But they acknowledge it's a problem. Let's go to josh for the

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"With the White House saying Healthcare.gov works for most users, enrollments ramp up.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21079332","title":"Obama Renews Push for Healthcare Enrollment","url":"/GMA/video/obamacare-webstire-running-president-renews-push-healthcare-enrollment-21079332"}