Oscar Mayer's Luxury Bacon Box Set for Father's Day

The set features succulent strips of the popular meat product, a money clip.
3:06 | 06/16/13

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Transcript for Oscar Mayer's Luxury Bacon Box Set for Father's Day
We to want say happy father's day to the dads out there and in there including matt. There's an interesting new gift trend, and it involves bacon. That's right, oscar mayer is marketing luxury bacon box set. It makes everything better. Only in america. We're crazy. It's no joke. It's not just oscar mayer promoting wacky gifts for dad's day. It's the father's day gift in hot demand, a velvet box, and raw bacon, and a money clip or a pocket knife. When it's time for the ultimate expression of love -- oscar mayer may be mocking the typical mother's day commercials. You did. But right now the gift sets are sold out. People really are saying happy father's day with bacon. When words just aren't enough, say it with bacon. It's part of america's growing obsession with the breakfast meat. It's creeping into foods, from pancake batter to milk shakes. And it's good for you too. Really good. This is really good. Wow. Special bacon for father's day is everywhere, especially here at the baconry, home to self--described mad bacon scientist, wesley klein. He decided to open the bizarre bakery in new york city, after the bacon desserts he made for his colleagues were a hit. Bacon banana bread. Did people look at you like you were nuts? They did, and they started grinning, and we got something here. The possibly most expensive strip of bacon. 23 carat gold bacon. Wow. What does this cost? 39.99. But if that's over the top, you can go with the necktie. That comes in bacon too. We are not making this up. This is not optional. I'm force-feeding you. A few products, bacon that's sustainable, bacon fat soap. Does it smell like bacon? It's a way to keep people away from you on the subway. And attract dogs. Your they sniffing me? It does smell like bacon a little bit. See if they can get it. It's not bacon. It's la vender. This is the chocolate-covered bacon. I believe this is butterscotch. I'll have to take two because it's stuck together. I'll take one and try it as we go to break. This is from jake and me, happy father's day. Bacon cuff links. Well, coming up on "good morning america," it's a zoo in

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{"id":19414017,"title":"Oscar Mayer's Luxury Bacon Box Set for Father's Day","duration":"3:06","description":"The set features succulent strips of the popular meat product, a money clip.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-mayers-luxury-bacon-box-set-fathers-day-19414017","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}