Parents of Accused Teen Stabber in 'Slenderman' Case Speak Out for the 1st Time

Bill and Kristi Weier discuss what happened with their daughter Anissa during her interrogation and explain what it has been like since she first was taken into custody in 2014.
7:00 | 01/16/17

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Transcript for Parents of Accused Teen Stabber in 'Slenderman' Case Speak Out for the 1st Time
I believe??? ???Believe we're still worth the fight??? cc1 Test message slender man case are here live for their very first TV interview and we will speak with them in just a moment but first ABC's Mara schiavocampo has more now on their story. Good morning, Mara. Reporter: Amy, good morning. Those girls charged as adults waiting for a trial that's expected to start this summer, we're now learning more about the case through a new documentary revealing the suspects' families say they were as shocked by the attack as everyone else. This morning, a new documentary shedding light on a crime that horrified the nation. Slender man, a faceless -- Reporter: HBO's "Beware the slender man" taking an in-depth look at the 2014 so-called slender man inspired attack. This isn't a whodunit. We know they did it. It's really a how dun it. Reporter: Anissa wire and Morgan geyser, just 12 lured Payton leutner into the woods in Wisconsin and stabbed her 19 times with a kitchen knife. Though left for dead, 12-year-old Payton crawled to a bike path where a passer-by called for help. The girls later saying they had attacked their friend to pleased fictional internet character slender man. I was really scared knowing that slender could easily kill my whole family in three seconds. Reporter: In the documentary, Anissa's parents speaking out saying their daughter spent a lot of time on the internet. Adding while they've been aware of slender man, they had no clue their daughter thought he was real. Now, each of the girls has pleaded not guilty by reason of mental defect or disease and face up to 65 years in prison in convicted. The victim's family wouldn't comment on the documentary but say they fully support the efforts of the district attorney's office and their priority making sure their daughter can move on with her life. The parents of Anissa Weier join us now, bill and Kristi. I want to ask what was that moment like when you found out what had happened and your daughter's involvement in it. It was dashgs -- it was really kind of surreal from the time I got the phone call to the time that we realized there were more things going on than what we were initially led to believe. Surreal is the best way to describe it because you try to struggle with how are you processing what you're finding out about what your child is -- Capable of? Being suspected of. Right. Kristi, I know that when you watch the interrogation video, both your daughter and the other young girl seem to believe that slender man is real. That there was no difference between fact and fiction for them. During the interview tapes that we've seen, they thoroughly believed that slender man was real and they wanted to prove that he was real and -- You had no indication of this at home, that this was something she was obsessed with or couldn't stop watching? We've never seen her watch videos or read stories or, hey, look what I found on the internet or anything. She was just typical. She was a typical 12-year-old at that point? You didn't think she had any -- Compared to the other three children, she didn't show any other signs of disbeliefs or anything. No suspension from reality. Why did you decide to do this documentary? Did you want to warn other parents? We were approached by HBO to do a documentary on the brain development of a human child, a juvenile child and when we were approached, we were approached in such a manner that it made us comfortable that if we could not help our daughter in this case, we might be able to help somebody else. I know, bill, your daughter as we said was 12 at the time of this crime. I understand you don't think she should be tried as an adult. Why shouldn't she? But I think the laws themselves in the state of Wisconsin are outdated. As my memory has it these laws were change in the '90s where a juvenile at the age of 10 could be tried as an adult. If you look at the way the laws are now, the law has not advanced with the technology and it is not advanced with what we now know about juvenile brain development, what I know about juvenile brain development, I just learned through the documentary, but if you look at the law in 2015, I believe it was, Wisconsin updated laws on drone usage because they had not advanced with the technology and Wisconsin updated laws on cell phone usage for certain offenses because they had not advanced -- So you'd like to see them do the same when it comes to child brain development. Your daughter is 15 now. Yes. Has she expressed remorse? Absolutely. Absolutely. And I know that you all have never spoken to Payton and her family yet. Is there anything that you'd like to say to them now? If they were here face-to-face, you know, I would tell them I'm sorry, I'd tell them that I'm thankful that Payton survived and I would tell them that for as much as they are struggling with trying to process what happened to their daughter, we are struggling equally trying to process this with what happened not only to their daughter but to our daughter. Kristi, I know that you've been able to visit. Are you able to talk to your daughter about what happened and why it happened? Every time we visit her it's always being audio and video recorded so we never talk business kind of thing. Sometimes she tries to vent a little bit during our visits and most of the conversation is stuff that's already been revealed in court. So we feel comfortable enough trying to console her and help her with how she feels that day and everything and along with Payton, if I could say anything, I know on the day of the incident she was -- she stated that she thought Morgan was her friend, so every day I pray that Payton finds true friendship. We appreciate those thoughts. Kristi and bill, thank you for joining us. The documentary is so powerful. It premieres January 23rd on HBO.

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"Bill and Kristi Weier discuss what happened with their daughter Anissa during her interrogation and explain what it has been like since she first was taken into custody in 2014.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44803550","title":"Parents of Accused Teen Stabber in 'Slenderman' Case Speak Out for the 1st Time","url":"/GMA/video/parents-accused-teen-stabber-slenderman-case-speak-1st-44803550"}