How 'Secret' Mobile Apps Help Kids Hide Texts, Photos

Some kids are now hiding "secret" photos and other data in apps that appear to be innocent.
3:58 | 09/04/15

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Transcript for How 'Secret' Mobile Apps Help Kids Hide Texts, Photos
I just want to gogurt. Whatever it takes to get it all. Ha spde D now, wn pacain R way toerfectio HGTV Homby Sherwin lliams, noavailablat Lowe' Ve Teno fo arllugthsemh rothbept.r O anything they want and it's all locked with a pass code. Reporter: Kristen who keeps a close eye on her son's phone says she was shocked earlier this year to find the 16-year-old installed an app that hides media like texts and photos. I'm almost hurt when things like that are found out. I worry about him. Basically I was hiding from my parents and it was stupid, yeah. Reporter: So how do these cybersecret keepers work? So this looks like an ordinary calculator app? Reporter: Dan Tynan gave us a demo. You tap it. It looks like a standard calculator, in fact it is a standard calculator but when you enter the secret password your child created and hit the percent key now you have a toto album with pictures hidden that your child didn't want you to see. Reporter: Apps like these becoming so popular a county district attorney in Alabama sent out a warning to parents. You and I know if one child knows about it many children know about it so take a minute, grab that phone. Reporter: Some parents we spoke to weren't too happy about it. Surprise. I'm shocked. It's very scary to me. It would be upsetting to me especially if the child was younger. Reporter: You can keep your kids from these apps by turning off their ability to install apps without your approval. The problem with these apps they allow kids to hide their cyberlives from their parents and sometimes the things they're hiding can harm them. Reporter: Secret cyberlife exposed. For "Good morning America," Mara schiavocampo, ABC news, new York. That's an eye opening one right there. Let's talk to Ericka souter, it's tricky when you first hear about this. You want to be able to trust your kids. So how do you approach them to find out if you can trust them? Ideal I you have had this conversation before you've given them the phone. If that ship has sailed it's not too late. Set down ground rues. They should know having a phone is a privilege and not a right. And number two, you are going to monitor what they do, what apps they put on, what kind of communications they're having and number three if they do something wrong that phone is gone. Right. Well, that's number one but you're saying you always have the right to take the phone back. You should always have that right. My daughters say I have Opp, old people's problems meaning I can't navigate their phone. How can I tell it's a fake app. What you want to do, go get their device and go to the app store, right, on their phone and then after you go to the app store, you want to go to the search function and then you want to type in a phrase like private photos or hidden photos or secret photos and that will yield -- we chose private photos and yields over 1700 apps that could possibly help your child hide things on their phones. But then you take a step further and stroll down. In you see the word open that means the app is up and running on your kid's phone. An alarm bell. If you do find these on their phones how are you supposed to handle it? You have to treat it like this is a privilege. Remove it right away. Sit down and tell them why they should not be hiding things from you. If that conversation is not enough, if you still don't trust your child's judgment con shop like do everywhere else. ? ? As long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. Welcome Ba tock "Gma."

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Some kids are now hiding \"secret\" photos and other data in apps that appear to be innocent. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33534067","title":"How 'Secret' Mobile Apps Help Kids Hide Texts, Photos","url":"/GMA/video/parents-alerted-teens-keeping-secrets-hidden-apps-33534067"}