Patricia Heaton Plays TV's Funniest Super Mom in 'The Middle'

The actress plays Frankie Heck, mother to three lovable kids, in the sixth season of the show.
3:40 | 01/12/15

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Transcript for Patricia Heaton Plays TV's Funniest Super Mom in 'The Middle'
The weather report brought to you by car fax. I'm here with Patricia eaten. Super mom. She can find a way to handle any crisis. Here's a sneak peek of this week's episode. Mike, I just stepped on a fork in the tub. How many times have we told the kids we watch spoons in the tub, knives and forks in the bathroom sink? Just commonsense. This is crazy. We can't go on like this. We need a silverware caddy in the shower. How about the ice bucket that says it's 5:00 somewhere. Since the dishwasher isn't working we can use the caddy from there. We'll hang it on the shower head. That would be perfect. Are you sad right now because I'm really sad? Patricia heaten joins us. How does the real life mom track? My sink has not fallen through the countertop. That's good. I think one of the appeals of "The middle" is that I think there's a lot of families that relate. Whatever socio economic status you have. There's all that stuff going on in every house. No question. How has your family life been going? It's good. My oldest is a junior in college and then a couple more going out the door and it's great. We have a Normal household. I kept them away from my career. They kind of don't really -- let me put it this way. They're not at all interested in anything I'm doing. The one in college called me up this year, he's 21. He said hey, do you have any copies of everybody loves Raymond? And I said, yeah, I have a set for each of you in case you ever -- One day. -- Want to see what I do for a living and what's paying for your college right now. He said because my roommate is a huge fan and can't believe I have never seen it. Whoa. I thought I guess I did a little too good of a job keeping then away from my career. I guess so. There was a point where I was working a show called back to you with Kelsey and Kelsey doesn't like to rehearse. So we would go in at 10:00 and be done by 12:30 and come home. The kids had no idea I even had a job. That you were working. Until my one son said mom, are you on a show? And I said, yeah. He said, because I saw a big poster on the street there and a bus went by with your picture on it. And I said yeah, I'm on a show. You're a protective mom. I think it's hard sometimes for kids whose parents have some kind of fame or celebrity to own their own identity. That was my thinking is let them be them and not have that -- I have to take notes from you. I found out you're a big buckeye fan and went to Ohio state. I graduated barely from Ohio state. I saw some members of the marching band. I think it's the greatest college marching band in the country. Not to mention one of the greatest football teams maybe after tonight. Yes. The champions. We'll see. Thanks for coming. We'll send you out with one of your favorite foods. Which hagandaus are you going to pick? Don't give George this. I get this. I have to tell you. I opened the rum raise and all the raisins had been picked out and I thought I think this is the only reason I would divorce my husband is he took all the raisins out. I guess I'll have have the buckeye chocolate peanut butter. Good to see you. Coming up, the biggest stars in

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"The actress plays Frankie Heck, mother to three lovable kids, in the sixth season of the show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28166313","title":"Patricia Heaton Plays TV's Funniest Super Mom in 'The Middle'","url":"/GMA/video/patricia-heaton-plays-tvs-funniest-super-mom-middle-28166313"}