Paula Patton on Robin Thicke Split: 'Everything Happens for a Reason'

The actress says she's stronger after the highly publicized split from singer husband Robin Thicke.
4:53 | 03/06/15

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Transcript for Paula Patton on Robin Thicke Split: 'Everything Happens for a Reason'
Paula Patton opening up for the first time about her split with singer robin Thicke. I had a chance to sit down with her the other day and talked about the challenges she's faced and new ones she's taking on as brand ambassador for Ellen Tracy. We are so delighted to spend a little time with you. You have so much going on that we want to talk about but we also know, Paula, it has been a challenging time for you. So many people want to just know how you're doing. I'm doing really well, the honest truth, it has been challenging but a year of growth, lots of healing, learning about all new things but I've come out of it stronger and my son is happy and I'm very -- you know, I feel like everything happens for a reason and then you have to move on and grow from there. You know that you're not alone when it comes to marriages, relationships ending. Yeah. Yours with robin Thicke but not everybody has to go through it publicly. So many people appreciate how you've handled it -- with such grace. What has gotten you through a difficult time? The truth is it's hard for me to say this because I don't always do this, but it's being grateful for what you have. I mean it's so easy for all of us to focus on the negative things but usually the positive in your life outweighs that and you have to just be thankful for what you have right now. That's what I try to work on. My son also helps me with that. Do you know -- the thing is you can't wallow in sadness or stay in bed when you have a child and they're so full of life and wonder and he brings me so much joy. You are so busy. You're working on this new project with Ellen Tracy, being the brand ambassador. How did this come about? It was kind of an amazing blessing. Ellen Tracy came to me and said would you like to be our brand ambassador? And I looked at the clothing and the clothing was amazing. It's really well made classic clothing that's affordable but what I liked about it was that you could like add your own twist to it. You could keep it classic and simple or you could make it as edgy or quirky as you want as your personality is to it. It's purpose was not just empower women but celebrate women and we made the campaign like a documentary through one of my most busy days catching me in different mopes in my life. This spring look and by the way you can ask me who am I wearing? I'm sorry. God, you look amazing, robin. What? Who are you wearing? I'm wearing Ellen Tracy. Your spring line. To it. Your design. Yes, I am. It looks amazing on you. I'm like, why didn't I get that dress? What has been fun for you in being creative and bring this line? I just -- I love the clothes. I love the colors and I like adding my little, you know, my little touches to make it my own but I just -- I think it fits the body well. I love my dress it's Ellen Tracy and it if is the form but then it has this lovely ruffle so you can eat lunch or dinner and not feel too self-conscious about it. I thought it was like such a great, clever design that I think many women will love. So let's see some of your fashions. We have some models here with us. Let's bring out crystal first. What is she wearing? Crystal, you look beautiful. This is one of my favorite pieces. It's called the zip sheath dress. It's got a great edge with the zipper detail. You can do whatever you want with this. Make it daytime. Nighttime. Dress it up or dress it down. Exactly. That's what's always been about Ellen, nice clean lines with Ellen Tracy. All right, crystal, thank you very much. And now Katherine, tell us what she's wearing. I love this trench coat. One of my favorite pieces from the line. To me it's a classic thing that every woman needs in their wardrobe. You can wear it with jeans, you can wear it fancy, it's just a piece that you'll always have year in and year out. Yeah. And a great dress. See, I love these colors for spring. I feel like when the sun hits, you like want color and it makes you happy. Spring going to happen. It is going to happen in new York. It's coming. Thank you very much. Alison. She's going to come out and tell us a little about what she has on. I love this dress. This just screams spring, doesn't it? It's just like bright and cheery. It's got the city scape at the bottom. The border print twill flair dress. See, that's a great cool accessory to add, fun shoes. You can do whatever you want with this but it's a classic line that looks good on so many women. Oh, and everybody come out so we can see it all together. So did you ever think that you would do something like this, Paula. You know what, I think that you always kind of dream about it. I love clothes. I have fun with clothing. I think it's the way that we can kind of bring art to our lives. That's great but you're not giving up your day job. ABC pilot which sounds so exciting. Excited about this show. It's a pilot so we don't know and hope it's going to be on ax about a woman that finds her life suddenly changed. And you'll have something to wear. Yes. We will.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"The actress says she's stronger after the highly publicized split from singer husband Robin Thicke.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29436246","title":"Paula Patton on Robin Thicke Split: 'Everything Happens for a Reason' ","url":"/GMA/video/paula-patton-robin-thicke-split-reason-29436246"}