Pitbull Says Starring in Cartoon 'Different' But 'Not Difficult'

Rapper discusses his impending "GMA" performance and his role in the animated film "Epic."
3:30 | 05/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pitbull Says Starring in Cartoon 'Different' But 'Not Difficult'
Back live here in times square with the global sensation, armando, you might know him better as pitbull than mr. Worldwide. He brought down the house before with christina aguilera and j. Lo at the billboard music awards and kicks off a tour tomorrow in boston. His career takes let's say an epic hollywood turn as he stars in a new animated feature opening friday. We are so excited to have you here. Oh, no, thank you for having me. You were just in l.A. Last night. We were just in l.A. Right now. Epic getting over here. Definitely great to be here. Great fan, great, great, as far as the mecca of the united states of america to be here in new york right now. Amazing. I know how much you love miami. Yes, 305, dade county, born and raised miami boy. Very proud and we cannot wait because a week from friday you'll be back for our summer concert series. You only have one speed and that's go, go, go. Man, you know what, thank god bless, working hard, amazing opportunities and discuss taking care -- I would say taking advantage of epic opportunities. Well, epic and let's talk about epic because it has got a lot of buzz. It opens on friday. It's an animated film. You play a frog. Yeah, actually hi to turn in a frog to get through traffic in new york out here but it was great, the character is amazing. I would say to be involved with beyonce knowles and colin farreld to see me as a frog animated, took me back to feeling like a little kid again. Once I saw my voice -- do you want to see a little bit of epic? See armando in action. Okay, so you set it up a little bit about your character the frog. And you meet a leaf man then the head leaf man. In this clip here it'll become the quote. A lot of kids are making fun of me when I call hip the pooper of the party. Here's "epic." Take a look. Feed him something. A snake would be good. Ah. Snakes just swallow you whole. Now if you put him in a hornet's nest, that's a show. Ronan, defender of the weak, preponderance ooper of parties here to ruin the party. I didn't ruin all of it. I let you him him. Twice. Hop along now little froggy. Easy, ronan. It's a big forest out there. Even leaf men have to sleep. I can see it on t-shirts now, armando. Only one in the forest with a suit on. The director chris wedge had many kind things to say about you and said he wanted you, he wanted a musician. He wanted -- he felt that could bring something special to the role. Working with chris was great. He kept feeding me the lines. It was something different but not difficult. He a visionary where he can see my voice already on the animated character before they drew it up so I consider that to be very talented so chris and the whole team out there, thank you guys so much for giving me the opportunity. You ran with it. But it had to be kind of different to see yourself in an animated version like that. No, absolutely. I mean when I seen -- like i said I felt like a little kid surprised at the same time a little emotional as you're in awe because you think you understand it but you don't until you see it. You got the acting bug right now. As far as acting we'll get involved with other things partnering up not only in tv shows but movies but doing a lot of business in hollywood. You can do it all. You are a renaissance man. I know, always so kind and generous and for you to flyover night to be here, we really appreciate that.

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{"id":19232037,"title":"Pitbull Says Starring in Cartoon 'Different' But 'Not Difficult'","duration":"3:30","description":"Rapper discusses his impending \"GMA\" performance and his role in the animated film \"Epic.\"","url":"/GMA/video/pitbull-interview-2013-rapper-epic-upcoming-nyc-concert-19232037","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}