Plane Bursts Into Flames Before Takeoff

More than 20 people were injured when the Venezuela-bound Dynamic Airways jet caught fire at Fort Lauderdale International Airport.
3:16 | 10/30/15

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Transcript for Plane Bursts Into Flames Before Takeoff
We begin with that disaster averted on a plane in Florida. The jet with 101 people on board burst into flames moments before takeoff. Nearly two dozen injured. David Kerley on the skeeven in ft. Lauderdale. Good morning, David. Reporter: Those passengers recovering from their injuries and the shock when that engine exploded into flames. We have new pictures of their harrowing escape but the question this morning, why was that jet leaking fuel? Overnight, the charred dynamic airways jetliner moved off the taxiway where its engine caught fire. The moments captured by video, frantic passengers taking emergency chutes running from the flaming jetliner to safety. 101 people on board the 767. It was rolling on to the runway to take off to Venezuela when another pilot sees a fuel leak. I don't know if it's fuel, it was fluid leaking out. Do you copy? Yes, sir. Reporter: Seconds later the fuel ignites. Engine's on fire. Engine's on fire. Reporter: Passengers hear the explosion. Look out the window, flames all over the turbine of the plane. Reporter: They say the crew was calm despite the panic and flames. When we go down the slide I couldn't see anyone because we went from the last side so all the smoke. Reporter: 21 injures most when they were evacuated. Soon after flames were extinguished and engine examined and a small leak found. This morning an ntsb team arrives to determine why the jet was leaking fuel just after leaving the gate. Dynamic is a six-year-old airline that operates a half dozen 767s. The airline was up to date with all maintenance requirements, they say. Included in one of those maintenance requirements was an order about a fuel pump inside the wing. Dynamic says it had agreed to that order and had taken care of all that information. The investigation continues later this morning, George. Okay, David, thanks very much. You have Stephen ganyard standing by. ABC aviation expert Steve ganyard and, Steve, people want to know how could this happen? Good morning, robin. Well, in most aviation mishaps it boils down to somebody made a mistake or something broke or a combination of the two. What we think happened in this case is that the fuel line, that big pipe that supplies fuel to the engine became either disconnected or broke somehow and ended up putting hot flammable jet fuel or jet fuel on that hot engine which you saw created this terrible fire. The ntsb as we heard in David's report, they are going to be on the scene investigating. What exactly will they be looking for? Well, they'll be looking at the maintenance on this particular aircraft but they'll also be looking at the maintenance procedures that this airline uses, but I think there's a bigger point here, robin. You know, when people -- I can't speak to this airline but when people buy a highly discounted airline ticket on an airline they've never heard of before they have to understand that that airline is probably discounting things like maintenance and crew training, as well and, therefore, it's probably discounting your personal safety as well. Steve, thank you very much. Fortunately people were able to get down the chutes. We turn to breaking news overnight.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"More than 20 people were injured when the Venezuela-bound Dynamic Airways jet caught fire at Fort Lauderdale International Airport.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34848030","title":"Plane Bursts Into Flames Before Takeoff","url":"/GMA/video/plane-ignites-fort-lauderdale-tarmac-34848030"}