A Look At Potential Ways to Stop Debt Collector Calls

Stephanie Zimmerman takes on those sometimes pesky collection calls and offers tips that may help them stop.
3:06 | 05/16/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Look At Potential Ways to Stop Debt Collector Calls
And welcome back, everyone. It happens to millions of Americans. Old, incorrect data lauushing on their credit reports. Many people don't realize it is even there. Stephanie Zimmerman, the ABC news fixer, has already recovered $1.8 million for consumers. Today, it's the aggressive debt collection calls. ? Getting phone kals. When day call, they don't call once. They call constantly. Reporter: Busy mom Beth Becker from deerfield, Illinois, paid off a medical bill a year ago. She was shocked when a collections agency started bugging her for more money. It was $125. I had already paid them. It was irritating. Call from private caller. Reporter: Day and night for nearly a year. I called the hospital and said, this is, you know, really irritating. I have gone through this so many times. And they would say, well, it's gone to collections now. So we can't do anything about it. So I call my brother, and he said, why don't you call the fixer? ABC news, this is Stephanie Zimmerman, the fixer. Reporter: She helps consumers when they have problems they can't resolve. ? and the ABC news fixer was on the case. Contacting the hospital to tell them her team was investigating. Faced with the fixer, they flew into action, pulling up Beth's account and admitting there was an error. Within a day, they had zeroed out Beth's plans and called off the collections agency. Promising that Beth's credit report would not get dinged. In two days' time, it was done. It's fixed. Thank you ABC news fixer. Okay, so let's bring in the ABC news fixer erks Stephanie Zimmerman. You help a viewer. What about the rest of us. How do we keep from getting a dinged credit score from a collection agency? Dan, aggressive collection calls is one of the biggest come plapts I get. It's abusive, it's scary. It should not happen. Check your credit report often to see what's on there. You can do it for free every year at annual credit report.com. We hear that. It's a great reminder. Stephanie, you're a pro. For people that don't have your expertise, where do we report Har rasing phone calls? If you're getting pesky collection calls, know your rights. The you don't want a debt collector to contact you anymore, send a written request. It will stop the calls. It won't make the mistake go away. Find out more at ftc.gov. I want to tell everybody, if you have problems you want the fixer to investigate, go to "Good morning America" on Yahoo! And tell us about it. T Stephanie, thanks again. Thank you. Coming up, researchers

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"Stephanie Zimmerman takes on those sometimes pesky collection calls and offers tips that may help them stop.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31090767","title":"A Look At Potential Ways to Stop Debt Collector Calls","url":"/GMA/video/potential-ways-stop-debt-collector-calls-31090767"}