New Site Offers Brides Chance to Sell Wedding Dress connects buyers and sellers of used wedding gowns.
3:48 | 06/13/13

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Transcript for New Site Offers Brides Chance to Sell Wedding Dress
Abc news, san francisco. Also, theridal blowout. A question all bridesface. What should do you with your wedding gown after the wedding? Apparently all men thought you should save it but us girls thinking about what else we can buy. It's about selling it, right? Exactly. Used to be that women would hold on to their wedding dresses for the sentimental value of it or in the hopes that they would have a daughter that she would wear the wedding dress. But in some cases, there we are, that was me in my wedding dress. In some cases the tradition remains but for the rest of us there is preown preownedweddingdresses.Com. A lot goes into the buying the perfect weddinging dress. I tried it on national television. Now the wedding is over I have nowhere else to wear it. People realize their dress is valuable. Reporter: After she got married in 2004, josie had a tough time selling her wedding dress, which is why scleeted this website. Preownedresses.Com. Think of it as ebay exclusive for wedding gowns. We connect a buyer and seller, once that connection is made, they decide. Posted my wedding dress after the $25 one-time tee. My bouquet, the flowers, there is a sentimental value but dress is first to gof hi needed to determine resale value, which was easy the website's value calculator. Good condition dress three years or younger about 50% of what I said. 20,000 dresses sold on the website so far. Josie says brides are selling for a number of reasons. In some cases, it's because of divorce. A called off wedding, for extra cash, they simply don't have the space. Or you happen to be the designer of a dress worn by beyonce. ♪ we have a dress that be kron se word in a video for sale, the designer listed it. Retailed for $85,000, a beautiful dress listed at $30,000. You have $30,000 to spend on your dress that's a great deal. Personally, I'm hoping the selling process is more seamless than the purchase. And, what's the verdict? You sold it -- 2450. Then I threw in the veil for another 100. Josie recommended that you sell for 50% of the cost, some people thought it was crazy that I sold it so fast. I got it dry cleaned and preserved, the box was huge. I had no space. I have no seller's remorse. Ashley was a darling. She's the one who bought it. She looked fantastic. I shipped to the doctor's office where she worked. She tried it on, she was so thrilled. A vera wang. It fits her perfectly. Is there haggling that goes on? They deal directly, always room for some negotiation but sellers list at a fair value, as long as it's in that range. 50% of your return is significant. You can buy another dress. Nice to get money back after the wedding after you spent so much. It's lovely. Some bride whose sold their dresses, we'll see how much they got. Let's go down the line. You flip the card and show how much. 800, 1200, 1350, 3600. Amazing price. Congratulations on the sells. Great idea. Thank you. To learn more about how to sell your old wedding gown, go to go

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{"duration":"3:48","description":" connects buyers and sellers of used wedding gowns.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19390499","title":"New Site Offers Brides Chance to Sell Wedding Dress","url":"/GMA/video/preownedweddingdresses-offers-brides-chance-sell-wedding-dress-19390499"}