Prince Harry Hits Pub After Warrior Games Participation

People magazine's Larry Hackett joins Jimmy Kimmel in discussing top headlines in pop news.
4:02 | 05/13/13

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Transcript for Prince Harry Hits Pub After Warrior Games Participation
there in times square. Hottest stories now. Including prince harry's tour, michael dough -- douglas talking about kissing matt damon. I didn't eat all week end because I had to sit at the table. I think larry is uncomfortable that I'm here. I didn't. Come on. Maybe prince harry can bring you together. He always does, right? He's doing amazing things. From the tours and meeting with the soldiers and going to colorado and playing volleyball. He's just fantastic. Let's not forget what he did in vegas. They're not forgetting that either. There was a scene where someone took a drink out of his hands. He's the american prince. This is the guy that -- and he's meeting chris christie today. You know they're going to get along great. If we were able to go back the a royal situation, he might be the guy. It's easy for him. He's comfortable in his own skin. He is. Or -- without his clothes on. When he's showing his skin. A great transition. Michael douglas and matt damon. The new movie, "behind the candelabra." Michael douglas played liberace. He said, once you get the first kiss in, you're comfortable. He said, the hardest thing about sex scenes is that everybody is a judge. Okay. I don't -- I don't know. All I know is I read in "people" magazine is that matt damon has a huge herpes on his lip. I'm not saying that one way or the other. If I was michael douglas I would be -- I'm suspicious on that one. Why did you write that, larry? Michael douglas has done a lot of sex scenes. Basic instinct. Fatal attraction. This is matt damon tha he's having a sex scene with. I think matt damon is as good looking as the other people he was costarring with. Don't you? No. Don't be ridiculous. I'm not -- okay. We're all going to watch. You had the title of the movie wrong. I think it's called "candelabra in the behind" isn't it? Are we on the delay? I need the button. It's not late night. It's okay. Oh, it's not late night. I forgot. My apologies. No, no, please continue. Let's move on. Jennifer nettles showing off her new son. What is going on with her? She had a new baby. The pictures for the first time. Young magnus. We had the exclusive pictures. Looks like she likes him. Funny how that happened. Congratulations. Is that baby wearing makeup? Only you can answer that, larry. I believe not. A strict rule. No babies can wear makeup. Maxim's hot 100 list is out. I feel envious. We have to get permission, cajole people to get in. They had manti te'o's fake girlfriend as the lead. What do you think about the decision to do that? Really? It was easy to get and we're talking about it. I think it's okay. Isn't there an extra one. Isn't there 101. He just got beat out by manti te'o's exgirlfriend.

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{"id":19167245,"title":"Prince Harry Hits Pub After Warrior Games Participation","duration":"4:02","description":"People magazine's Larry Hackett joins Jimmy Kimmel in discussing top headlines in pop news.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-harry-us-tour-british-royal-hits-pub-19167245","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}