Prince William Goes Back to School

The Duke of Cambridge is returning to college life to study farming.
3:00 | 12/31/13

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Transcript for Prince William Goes Back to School
Now, talk about big man on campus. Back to hitting the books for the duke of cambridge. Prince william, moving away from his 5-month-old son and his wife, kate. Bianna has the story on that. Diaper duty became too much for him to handle. While so many of us say we'd love the opportunity to go back to school, reliving the good, old days back in the dormroom, turns out that sentiment applies to famous royals, as well. Prince william announcing he will return to campus life for a crash course in a field that may surprise you. Between royal duty, diaper duty and everything between, prince william carries quite a workload. But next week, the 31-year-old new father will trade in the baby carriage for a backpack. The future heir to the throne is moving you're never too old to learn. According to the palace, william is digging in to the program to learn more about farming and rural issues across the u.K., preparing him for when his father takes the throne. He has 18 to 20 teaching hours every week. He is expected to do study time. He may be expected to carry out day trips and visits, which would take up additional time. Reporter: While william will have his hands full, the second in line to the throne, may be able to relive his college days. Becoming a part-time bachelor. Will will be away from his family a little bit. It is not very pomp. It's private accommodations in cambridge. Reporter: Kate and 5-month-old george are expected to stay in kensington palace. But the family may spend time in their newly renovated country home, amber hall. The duchess will focus on baby george, her charity work and prepare for a tour to new zealand and australia in april. And while royal watchers don't expect to see another bundle of joy anytime soon, there may still be a royal engagement in the near future. Prince harry and girlfriend cressida bownes. She has accepted she will become a member of the royal family. Reporter: Prince william left the royal forces after serving nearly eight years. Quite a step away. Going to be doing agriculture. Did I hear you ask the boss

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{"id":21378086,"title":"Prince William Goes Back to School","duration":"3:00","description":"The Duke of Cambridge is returning to college life to study farming.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-william-back-school-21378086","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}