How To Get The Proper Sleep Before Taking a Test

Research shows you should turn out your lights at different times depending on what you're preparing for.
3:26 | 10/20/14

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Transcript for How To Get The Proper Sleep Before Taking a Test
Grandma and grandpa. Okay, thank you. One of the top stories op "The New York times" website breaking down the science of sleep when it comes to taking tests. Should you turn out the lights at different times. If you have a language test go the sleep at your regular bedtime. Wake up early to study. The first half of the night is when the brain consolidates things like new words. But if you're preparing for say, a music recital of athletic competition, go to bed later. The second half of the night consolidates motor memory. What if I can't remember what to do? That was a little confusing. Saying -- It's interesting. Aren't you glad we don't have to take tests anymore? Do you still have those dreams when you haven't studied and have to take the test? And imagine a world when you can decide whether to go to bed later? Oh, gee, tell me another bed time story. A big night in the ballroom tonight. Leah remini is coming back to "Dancing with the stars." She's co-hosting with Tom Bergeron, filling in with Erin Andrews tonight. She had a successful season last tall. She's getting pumped. She posted a picture of her dressing room sign tweeting, it's getting real. So excited for tomorrow's show. She'll be great. Is this a one-time thing or? Because Erin is doing the world series? She's pinch hitting for her. You know Leah will say it. You can watch "Dancing with the stars" tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central. Next in our "Heat index" the new selfie craze. Let's go to Tony Reali in the social square. Everything that was trending this weekend, I think you'll like this most. If only for the name. Doughnut selfie. The most delicious of all time. Huge Numbers since Karen posted this last week. It has nothing to do with doughnuts. You can eat one in the selfie, I guess. Our waistlines thank you for that. Karen says she and her friend were trying to make optical illusions with the camera. It took off from there. Now, here's how it works. All you need is your camera phone. And your arm. And that beautiful face of yours in various stages of selfie. You turn it around like this, I'm very camera shy. You make a doughnut shape around you head. You edit them together, you get artistic creations. Or what I put together. Take a look. Mm-hmm. Okay, so that's one side of my ear. And now, we're in the studio, and once more in times square. So you can get pretty artistic with it all. What do you think of the drksonut selfie craze? I think you look like you were in pain. He and Michael both rocking that close -- You have to starter near your ear. You have to show mom that your ears are clean. I think that's it. Well done. Looking good, Tony. We move to today's "Morning

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"Research shows you should turn out your lights at different times depending on what you're preparing for.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26316430","title":"How To Get The Proper Sleep Before Taking a Test","url":"/GMA/video/proper-sleep-taking-test-26316430"}