Ray Rice Speculation Emerges After Ruling Allows Him to Return

Which team, if any, will pick up the running back after appeal ruling lets him return to the NFL?
3:26 | 11/30/14

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Transcript for Ray Rice Speculation Emerges After Ruling Allows Him to Return
virtue for so few of us. The big question about ray rice on this football Sunday. The tarnished NFL star is allowed back in the game after his suspension for punching his then fiancee and spotted working out and staying in game shape but will any team sign him or is he simply too much bag Jacoby Jones Ryan smith has the latest from Washington. Reporter: Good morning, Paula. While some think ray rice may face an uphill battle to return to the field, one person firmly in his corner, his wife Janay speaking out standing by her man and along with some of his former teammates believes he deserves a second chance. This morning, according to his wife, newly reinstated ray rice is ready to play football. Just hours after winning his battle to overturn an indefinite suspension by the league, Janay rice tells ESPN's jemele hill the couple has put their infamous elevator altercation behind them. She's very excited about the future that he could have in the NFL for him getting the opportunity to kind of regain from a playing standpoint some of the things he's lost. Reporter: In her conversation with hill, Janay questioned why he was cut in the first place. I was extremely surprised and angry that the ravens released him. They were our family. While former teammates also seemed ready to forgive, ravens wide receiver Torrey smith tweeted my boy will do the right things and Bryant Mckinnie says, I'm glad my friend ray rice was given a second chance. Analysts are split whether a team would want to take a chance on someone they see as a pr nightmare. The NFL is not in the business of morality. What he did was shameful, it was awful but there are players who have bounced back from equally shameful and awful things, as well. Reporter: One thing is for sure, the NFL won't stand in rice's way. With rice's indefinite suspension overturned, on Friday his wife Janay now telling NBC news why she thinks the NFL was so hard on the former all pro. I think they did what they had to do for themselves. Rice can be added to an NFL team at any time. No one has spoke out. If fantasy footballers have anything to say he would be back immediately. He's been added to hundreds of thousands of football teams since being reinstated, Paula. One question for you. Here's how the NFL is responding to rice's reinstatement, overnight they released a memo to league owners really appearing to defend the commissioner roger Goodell. Was this basically just a memo to save his job? In some way, yes or at least explain what happened here because in this memo he talks a lot about what the league is now doing going forward but he also mentions something very key. He says at least his team says no part of the judge's decision questions his honesty or integritity. The commissioner's honesty and integrity so that becomes key because the owners can hire and fire roger Goodell so in many ways he has to explain his conduct and make it clear he or his lack of good faith if some say that or his decision-making was not in question, rather a nuance at least according to the NFL that they say was key. Ryan smith, thanks so much. It's important as he pointed out the owners are basically who roger Goodell answers to at the end of the day. They hire, they fire the commissioner. He has several bosses and they are the owners. 32. A lot of other news breaking

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"Which team, if any, will pick up the running back after appeal ruling lets him return to the NFL?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27259643","title":"Ray Rice Speculation Emerges After Ruling Allows Him to Return","url":"/GMA/video/ray-rice-speculation-emerges-ruling-return-27259643"}