Ray Rice's Domestic Violence Suspension Criticized

Baltimore Ravens player given two-game suspension after he was charged.
2:37 | 07/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ray Rice's Domestic Violence Suspension Criticized
have been lost. Growing outrage over how the NFL is handling a case of domestic violence involving a star player. Take a look at this video of ray rice from the Baltimore ravens dragging his fiancee unconscious out of an NFL. T they are calling it a slap on wrist. By most accounts the NFL was caught off guard by the harsh pushback. Did it address the seriousness of what happened? Ray rice, number 27, not just the NFL star running back for the Baltimore ravens, but a major part of the league's TV image campaign to attract women. Find your look at nflshop.com. Reporter: But it's this image of rice that tarnished his reputation and for some tarnished the sport. TMZ sports surveillance footage taken inside an Atlantic City casino of the all pro running back hovering over then dragging his girlfriend, unconscious after he assaulted her. They questioned what would the NFL do? Today's reaction to his two-game suspension continues to snowball. The sentiment is not much. Frankly it's a terrible message that the NFL has sent. It was a stunner to me. Reporter: Consider this, the NFL's punishment for steroid use automatic four game suspension, one was suspended three games for a bar fight and one rookie got a five-game suspension for taking freebies in college. Keith olbermann seemed to speak to many. The iron fist of the NFL has just been used against ray rice's wife and against every woman in America. Reporter: Rice's wife was charged with assault in the fight but the charges were dropped. The response from rice's team and head coach has been muted. There are consequences when you make a mistake like that. I stand behind ray. He's a heck of a guy. Reporter: That's from a team that leads the league with five players arrested this off-season. He pleaded not guilty to third degree aggravated assault he took responsibility for his actions with his wife beside him. You know, failed miserably. Rice entered a pretrial interinvestigation and if completed won't serve jail time. Reports the league took it easy on rice in part because of his good guy reputation and a plea from his wife for leniency but then regardless of their reasoning many believe on this, the NFL simply got it wrong. Striking when you see the comparisons to how people get punished for steroid use or taking freebies. Byron, thank you. Not the kind of publicity they need. Overseas where a 12-hour

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Baltimore Ravens player given two-game suspension after he was charged.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24725538","title":"Ray Rice's Domestic Violence Suspension Criticized","url":"/GMA/video/ray-rices-domestic-violence-suspension-criticized-24725538"}