R&B Singer/Songwriter Miguel Discusses Grammy Nods

Breakthrough artist talks with "GMA" about latest album, "Kaleidoscope Dream."
1:04 | 01/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for R&B Singer/Songwriter Miguel Discusses Grammy Nods
Test Text1 underline This mannding next to me, on the verge of becoming a ehold name. Miguel. And his r&b singing and song writing is nominated for five grammys. "Rolling stone" says miguel might be new on the block. But he comes on like a master. And he and his rotating stage join us, now. Miguel, it is great to be here. Thank you, my friend. A local kid out of san pedro. "Kaleidoscope dream." It speaks to not just the album but you, as well. Absolutely. I believe everyone has their own kaleidoscope dream that's made of your conscious decisions, your sensibilities, your subconscious thought patterns. All those things contribute to what you're experiencing in the future. This album was my way of painting my kaleidoscope dream. Giving the soundtrack to my lifestyle. You also gave us a hit.

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{"id":18131395,"title":"R&B Singer/Songwriter Miguel Discusses Grammy Nods","duration":"1:04","description":"Breakthrough artist talks with \"GMA\" about latest album, \"Kaleidoscope Dream.\"","url":"/GMA/video/rb-singersongwriter-miguel-nominated-grammys-18131395","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}