Some Not Laughing at Dad's Popular Crying Baby Blog

Greg Pembroke discusses his popular blog where he writes jokes under photos of his crying kids.
3:30 | 04/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Some Not Laughing at Dad's Popular Crying Baby Blog
Our "heat index," a dad who turned his son's tantrums into something to chuckle about and posted pictures of his crying kids on his blog writing witty captions underneath each one. We'll talk with him live but linsey davis has the story. Reporter: These are your typical say cheese moments. A snotty-nosed furrowed proud and sad puppy dog eyes. These are why charlie and his big brother william are becoming internet sensations. Charlie is 21 months old and his dad made him the star of reasons my son is crying. The slide is not slippery enough. I wouldn't let him eat the candy that fell on the floor. No idea why my son is crying. Reporter: Every it's my party and I'll cry if I want to moment -- I wouldn't let him drown in this pond. Reporter: All captured by dear old dad. Want to look out the window. Reporter: These crocodile tears are giving kids a good laugh. I wouldn't let him drink bathwater. Reporter: More than 6600,000 have seen him. One post personed "i'd cry too if my dad made fun of me on the internet." If this is the worst thing i do as a parent I think I'm doing very well. It's not likes's crying over spilt milk. In this picture he is crying because the milk isn't juice. For abc news, I'm linsey davis. I like that face. Great to have the man behind the blog. Greg pembroke and his williams charlie and -- how did you get the idea to do this? I was posting pictures on facebook with my friends, I only started doing it a couple weeks ago and my friend suggested i move it to tumblr which I didn't know much about. They wanted to share with some of their friends and took off from there. How did you does charlie cry At this age. At this age he cries more. That's just the age he's at but they're pretty happy guys. Thank you. I love this, I told him -- what -- we can't -- forcefully cramming his toys into his brother's face is not the same as sharing. How did you come up with the witty captions. I type them up as a go. I'm just trying to have fun with something that will happen no matter what we do. You have thousands that weighed. Well, I didn't expect anybody to see this outside my family and friends. There's a blog of new zealand farmers that were saying all i need to do is take these boys and put them on a tracker and plow the back pad dock and they'll be fine. How much longer do you think they'll do this? Until they stop doing this. Until they stop -- oh. We took our own picture with josh and charlie. Hey there, little guy. There you go. We were playing where is your nose, where's your ear. We'd like to hear everybody weigh in and give us their own comments. See more pictures of them on goodmorningamerica.Com right now. Hey, they're happy boys. Aren't you? Fun.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Greg Pembroke discusses his popular blog where he writes jokes under photos of his crying kids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18913366","title":"Some Not Laughing at Dad's Popular Crying Baby Blog","url":"/GMA/video/reason-son-crying-tumblr-blog-web-hit-laughing-18913366"}