Record Alligator Caught at Mississippi Gator Hunt

A gator weighing more than 700 pounds sets new record at annual event.
2:20 | 09/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Record Alligator Caught at Mississippi Gator Hunt
Now to the stunning alligator hunt in mississippi. The annual event coming to an end today. And another record was set this weekend. This massive gator tips the scales at 741.5 pounds. Abc's gio benitez went into the waters of the mississippi with some of the now former record holders. Reporter: It looks like something out of "jurassic park." This alligator was caught in the swamps of mississippi, by an everyday family. Led by one tough mom. A paralegal by day. Ail gator hunter by night. The alligator queen. Reporter:920 people chose on the catch two gators each. The state says to help control the population. Gators were once endangered. Now, biologist ricky flint, the hunt coordinator, says there are too many. For many people here, alligators are problems on their property? Absolutely. Goldfish ponds. Swimming pools. Highways. Reporter: I headed out with them. Some people wondering, why do you do this? We eat the meat. I don't see it any different than the prepackaged meet in the grocery store. Reporter: Within minutes, they spot the first gator. The next one wouldn't come so easily. For the next three hours, we saw the gators. They would disappear as soon as they saw us. Just going slow because you don't want to spook them. Finally, they find what they've been looking for. I hear him now. He's mad. Reporter: It's not your average family outing. I'm going to say 5'1". Let's get hand sanitizer out. Reporter: Such a mom thing to say. For "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, the mississippi delta. You can tune in to "nightline" tonight for more. Time for the weather. Great start to the week when you

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{"id":20198672,"title":"Record Alligator Caught at Mississippi Gator Hunt","duration":"2:20","description":"A gator weighing more than 700 pounds sets new record at annual event.","url":"/GMA/video/record-alligator-caught-mississippi-gator-hunt-20198672","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}