New Regulations on Sleeping Behind the Wheel

AAA reports that nearly 1 million car crashes a year are due to drowsy driving.
1:55 | 10/22/14

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Transcript for New Regulations on Sleeping Behind the Wheel
And turn to an alert about drowsy driving. Missing a couple hours sleep can be deadly on the road. 40% of us admit to falling asleep behind the wheel at least once. Kur K kurl Ku David has the story. Reporter: He's nodding off. Unsuccessfully fighting fatigue. As serious as drunk driving, and much worse than we think. Officially, 100,000 crashes a year. But aaa is reporting it may be a million, and only getting worse in our sleep-deprived society. You have to sleep like your life depends on it. You think you're okay, you're not. Reporter: A recent example? The accident that seriously injured Tracy Morgan and killed another passenger. Police say the driver of the Walmart truck that hit the limo bus was asleep at the wheel. Now the safety board is calling on transport companies to abide by the maximum driving regulations and set driver's schedules to match their sleep patterns. But there are no such rules for regular drivers. Researchers are looking for technology that notice if we're nodding off. And some suggest that you stop, the question, will you react. The car is telling you, yeah, you're drowsy. You're not driving up to speed. But it's not going to, at this point in time, anyway, not going to turn the car off, not making you an espresso. Reporter: One startling statistic to remember, two hours of sleep missing in one night can cut your reaction time, decision-making by 20 to 50%. David kerly, ABC news, Washington. That new technology works. We have it on the chevy thahoe. It vibrates under you. "Pop news" and weather coming up. But Lara in the social square. And the "Gma morning menu."

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{"duration":"1:55","description":"AAA reports that nearly 1 million car crashes a year are due to drowsy driving.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26369263","title":"New Regulations on Sleeping Behind the Wheel","url":"/GMA/video/regulations-sleeping-wheel-26369263"}