Brad Pitt’s Alleged Prankster Hit With Restraining Order

Police issued an emergency restraining order demanding Vitalii Sediuk stay away from Brad Pitt.
2:47 | 05/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brad Pitt’s Alleged Prankster Hit With Restraining Order
Want to move on to the new video of brad Pitt being attacked on the red carpet at the premier of "Maleficent." The troublemaker who crossed the line is being hit with a restraining order. Linzie Janis has the details. Reporter: Good morning. A lawyer for sediuk, said this was one of his pranks. He said his client did not assault Pitt but was hugging him. The Ukrainian entertainment reporter has a long history of these stunts. But no one is laughing at this latest one. This chaotic video shows the moment brad Pitt is allegedly accosted. The star at first on the defense. Then, backing up, apparently trying to shake off his alleged attacker. Vitaly sediuk. Security pouncing on the Ukrainian journalist before police escort him off in handcuffs. Overnight, news the LAPD issued an emergency restraining order, demanding sediuk stay away from Pitt. This, as he awaits arraignment on battery charges behind bars. There's a physical barrier that's been set up. When you cross the barrier and you reach out and slap somebody in the head, that's a physical line that's been crossed. That could have been a lot worse. Reporter: This morning, the 25-year-old's lawyer telling us, law enforcement overreacted. And his client was just trying to hug Pitt. But sediuk's publicist, telling ABC news overnight, she's had enough of his antics and is severing ties. Invading someone's personal space. That's not something I prepare to or be willing to speak out on someone's behalf. That's not what I do. Reporter: It turns out the attack on Pitt may have also been in violation of sediuk's police probation. Stemming from his arrest after this incident at the 2013 grammys. The prankster made a name for himself, shocking a-listers on the red carpet. Attempting to kiss will smith at the premiere of "Men in black 3." Hugging Bradley cooper and Leo Dicaprio. In the last few months, his focus has been on the big apple. Streaking down the runway at New York's fashion week. And crashing the met gala in a mankini. But no word if he was given per vision to be on the red carpet for "Maleficent." His publicist is someone looking for a reaction. He will be arraigned today or Monday. And will plead not guilty to battery charges. Apparently people in Ukraine think this is hilarious. Speaking reaction or massive attention. Getting attention from it, though. More than he cared for. Linzie, thank you.

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{"id":23925080,"title":"Brad Pitt’s Alleged Prankster Hit With Restraining Order","duration":"2:47","description":"Police issued an emergency restraining order demanding Vitalii Sediuk stay away from Brad Pitt.","url":"/GMA/video/restraining-order-jailed-prankster-23925080","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}