Robert De Niro to Take Over for James Gandolfini in HBO's 'Criminal Justice'

Lara Spencer reveals the top stories that have people buzzing this week.
2:49 | 09/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robert De Niro to Take Over for James Gandolfini in HBO's 'Criminal Justice'
Morning everybody we begin with one amazing actor stepping in for another James Gandolfini was supposed to start a new series for HBO he'd -- shot the pilot when he died. Well now that it has been picked up. Robert De Niro we'll take over. The role of -- down on his -- lawyer of the show is called criminal justice Gandolfini was an executive producer on -- as well and will remain so posthumously. I think that is terrific needs. Halloween is coming into the dark they are already here and if you're a fan of the adult one -- what -- -- -- night. Well I had a feeling. I have good news for everybody it's a -- -- the wait no it's a costume even battery mode. Like a big -- -- -- comes in several styles. Including unicorn. And -- nice dinosaur work. And you know you're gonna look like a hot hazy lines but -- and we know what fox has announced about got. That's what I don't have just important -- -- -- -- myself watching television and that all night long yes that like a trap door and can you get -- -- -- easily. I just I just -- question. Eighty dollars available on Urban Outfitters thank you Sam it and finally everybody I'm so excited Sam. It the annual locked up laughs festival. Bob what about twelve foot in -- -- Massachusetts. It starts tomorrow in the town where the delicious floppy -- -- was invented almost a hundred years got guys look at the cost -- this is what's happening the -- passable. This -- the festival celebrates all things -- You can eat Clough barbecue yeah flopped on us that big there is no fluff wrestling yet but we're encouraging it flopped on knotts fan of the festival say the -- -- which are looking -- when really -- There's also -- hair salon Worthington your hair styles using -- wow celebrity show up. Like Susan also and you know her as Cindy Brady she asked -- to bring last year she goes there because she says she can't get fluff on the West Coast. On the parade with on the floats and the culmination of the event is the crowning of the flock of pharaoh and areas from last year a lot of clients audacity it is that everybody has smells like -- -- engineer. Doesn't it tape Dayton that you pour this on top of your -- George its Beers not made -- -- at the top. Thank you heard them talking -- -- quiet. And then you guys been eating emblem hasn't been here the weather and all that love and I don't know in my -- life and everywhere I'm not quite but this is what disturbed me about that story Lara. How could there be no fluff wrestling I don't how in the world -- you have. Some kind of wonderful day without a lot of wrestling with I don't usually get -- while they're good on December when Iraq does my. Completely wrong it's getting. Together but what the fluff needs fluff wrestling.

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{"id":20380915,"title":"Robert De Niro to Take Over for James Gandolfini in HBO's 'Criminal Justice'","duration":"2:49","description":"Lara Spencer reveals the top stories that have people buzzing this week.","url":"/GMA/video/robert-de-niro-james-gandolfini-hbos-criminal-justice-20380915","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}