Robin Williams Talks About His Battle With Alcoholism

Comedian, actor discusses his recovery during a 2006 interview with Diane Sawyer.
5:43 | 08/12/14

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Transcript for Robin Williams Talks About His Battle With Alcoholism
Are you I'm one of very well it is a good thing is that -- -- -- or next month to month two months club medicated. The way quiet time. Group have come back. -- was -- how do you -- -- my fingers. Supposedly don't drink. What are you -- to stay that way don't drink. It's just alcohol just alcohol that's enough for -- and -- So to talk about it that's caused by something that accord -- it's just there just -- and -- It's late in raising waiting for the time when you think this time I'm OK and then it. And then next thing you know that's not okay. Is -- folks. -- -- rooms where my business trends and -- rather than Cleveland. A hard question to talk to your kids your wife your target million and then once you've done that really -- you think the people don't notice. -- picnic at the front of it -- Why. This that you went outside naked. I didn't -- -- -- dog like -- -- -- but -- and we won't know. Humiliations. -- -- humility and with a something somebody said -- you one sentence that got through that sailed through. Drunk. But -- that it got limited that you need help and that's the best sentence -- -- with family friends ever any idea what it was you know it was a pretty much unanimous. On that level and then you go and you say that's it you have the right. How long before you decided. This is it. You know I was a couple of years of just thinking Arcandor and in my -- and can. That's the bottom line I can do -- second stop and you're not and you really think you can and then -- I need help and that's the operative word. Then suddenly by today for a moment our interview moods it's Robin unleashed once second he's Tom Cruise and and the next a strange and Indian prime. And you must join back where it. Your power and your spirit intact. Are you back come back -- -- US this stuff pandora. Self. Our next topic Mel Gibson driving so drunk that night before -- to -- -- He was arrested and and it took a certain amount of focus. From me. It was a moment of -- and just like. There but for the grace of god you know. You out of control like that. And its failure to stop because -- -- you know when you start violating your standards quicker than you can lower them. And it's time to go away. Lot of people said. Is for the -- said those things. The same person drunk. Responsible and I think the -- -- you yourself -- when you that's another side of yourself that even you don't know. And I would say that and he said afterwards you know I'm I'm -- repentance those things that wasn't there the fact that doctor Jekyll mr. Jack Daniels. There is another person who appears that a lot of people out here said don't work with -- that -- he's revealed that don't work with don't written. The worker him and off the market with next movie makes money don't somehow work with him. You know you can do that we'll do the -- -- ninth. Who -- you know it's like. And these music is a brilliant -- whom does -- have flaws and foibles yes. As he admitted that yes. Flaws and foibles -- as he did his drinking on private time. Working visit to too dangerous -- -- you go back to Iraq known known calm and we've been. I'm not sure that the growing disappointment when I -- -- yeah that's. What you did just -- And John sounds out of bed and lot of -- -- report he travels again Williams says he is going home sober to San Francisco. Back to Marsha his wife of seventeen years and back to the three children he loves. What if they said -- through this that their government which is going. That's the simplest most wonderful thing. That's the bottom line. I -- -- most of them and the rest is up to me. And and then and -- -- keep -- it. Every day -- Humiliations. Give -- humility -- are. This sadness. About these past two years from. -- To have there's a sadness and then you have to go vendors also. There's also hope -- -- -- send us it's almost like. -- every -- you wish they hadn't happened but they did and the purpose is to make it different this political Buddhist gift I would -- government Christian gift it's an idea of -- back and realize the thing that matters. -- others. Way beyond herself. -- goes away you go -- -- Realize there -- a lot lot of amazing people out there to be grateful for. Not loving god and that -- that good luck. That's what life is about what's the best thing -- -- can. Get help -- That was the best thing that was wonderful. And then I -- -- -- Too good things. Thank you tax. --

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"Comedian, actor discusses his recovery during a 2006 interview with Diane Sawyer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24945335","title":"Robin Williams Talks About His Battle With Alcoholism","url":"/GMA/video/robin-williams-talks-battle-alcoholism-24945335"}