Rosetta Spacecraft's Poised for Historic Landing

European Space Agency is on the verge of a daring attempt to land a probe on comet 67p.
1:36 | 11/12/14

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Transcript for Rosetta Spacecraft's Poised for Historic Landing
We want to turn to a landmark in space exploration that's happening right now. This is the first attempt to land a spacecraft on a comet millions of miles from Earth. It may unlock some of the secrets of the yoourcuniverse. And Clayton Sandell is tracking it for us. Reporter: Good morning. Right now mission control says everything is just fine. We are now just hours away from a truly historic event as long as one small spacecraft can stick the landing. This morning, the do or die moment for a decade-long, nearly 4 billion mile space race. The spacecraft is healthy, and we have a go from the flight control team. Reporter: A seemingly impossible mission. A washing machine-size space propose trying land on a km et, speeding at 84,000 miles per hour. Something that until today was Hollywood science fiction. The spacecraft, known as roset Rosetta, has been tracking through the koz pose since 2004. Trying to catch up with a comet known as 67-p. It's going to deploy a small craft to land on the surface and unlock the secrets of an ancient space rock. Researchers believe it holds clues about the dawn of the solar system, maybe even life on Earth. 4.5 billion-year-old time capsu capsule, what was it like when the Earth was forming? That's huge. Reporter: Rosetta is picking up an unexplained singing noise from the comet. [ Comet noise" and sending back selfies from where not even captain Kirk has gone before. Star trek legend William shatner sending along his wishes. Good luck, Rosetta. I'm so excited and wish you good luck. Reporter: They have to wait 28 minutes to see if it landed okay. That's how long it takes to get the signal bark to Earth. After that, we hope to get the first pictures from the surface of a comet. Had to get star trek in there. Thank you. And the bold robbery in Manhattan.

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{"duration":"1:36","description":"European Space Agency is on the verge of a daring attempt to land a probe on comet 67p.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26853326","title":"Rosetta Spacecraft's Poised for Historic Landing","url":"/GMA/video/rosetta-spacecrafts-poised-historic-landing-26853326"}