Royal Baby Rollout: First Photo Fit for a King

New photos of Prince George portray him in a natural and relaxed atmosphere.
2:51 | 08/20/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby Rollout: First Photo Fit for a King
trending right now. Starting with the royal snapshots. These pictures of baby george and more. Victoria murphy, the royal reporter for "the daily mirror." Lots of excitement about this in the states. How about over in london? Yeah. Well, there's a lot of excitement over here this morning. I mean, these pictures are dominating the news agenda over here. And everyone's very excited because this is the first time that we have seen prince george since the day after he was born. There's huge excitement here. The first time that we have seen him. And everyone is very excited to see how he is developing. Well, he looks pretty cute, to all of us over here. I guess the father-in-law, kate's dad, getting a little heat for his photo skills? Well, yes. I mean, what's really unusual about these pictures and the couple decided to shun an official formal photographer. And they decided they wanted a family member, michael middleton stood up to the plate to take the first official pictures of prince george. And what's really nice about that is I think they have managed to create this kind of really nice, close kind of family feel. And it's a very natural photograph that I think we get. And that's because a family member has taken it. However, michael middleton has come under fire a little bit for the pictures, yes. Photographers have been up in arms about the fact that he shot into the light, which is apparently a sin. And they're saying the pictures are a little fuzzy. And he managed to lob off the nose of one of the dogs. I dare to think that people weren't very happy about. But the overwhelming feeling here, actually, is that these pictures have created a natural feel. That's something the couple were very keen to do. That seems to be the theme as we saw prince william and everything he's done, putting the car seat, and that interview he gave yesterday, trying to give a sense of normality. Here's a little bit of the interview. He's a little bit of a rascal. We'll put it that way. He kind of reminds me of my brother or me when we were younger. He likes to keep his napy changed. I did the first nappy. It was a badge of honor. On instagram, if he used instagram, you can put a filter on the picture. And brighten it up. Darken the background. I love the pictures. Fantastic. Victoria, we have a few seconds left. Before we go. You had a baby, little isabel, right about the same time as kate. We don't want to deprive you. Let's show the picture. Little isabel, fiance, gary. And your lighting is perfect. Victoria, thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you. And burning up our "heat index," lady gaga in the

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{"id":20009887,"title":"Royal Baby Rollout: First Photo Fit for a King","duration":"2:51","description":"New photos of Prince George portray him in a natural and relaxed atmosphere.","url":"/GMA/video/royal-baby-photos-official-pictures-prince-george-prince-20009887","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}