Runaway Golf Cart Driven by Panda

Sam, Josh and Sara debate whether the panda in a video is real.
2:27 | 10/14/13

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Transcript for Runaway Golf Cart Driven by Panda
Gonna do -- of the day -- for. For -- and John mentioned we say bear -- All of the Eagles what I did good the first of what the story about a bear in in the second one -- the story about a bears well. Apparent apparently trying to escape from a zoo on a golf -- and Gelman it's not something you see every day. Now. And in the heart I don't know if this is set up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- real live candidates just trying to get the heck out of there. I don't know what's going well -- haven't actually been the -- -- -- people and they all look like people and this may be. Look like people in panda suit this baby though this may be -- -- jump in the Josh Elliott is on the something there are no real giant panda and there. All people in as it is honestly. Think -- We will how all we ever know. Is this for -- make a series yes yeah lives for Leo there's a hand at large. Yeah. We have -- pandemonium. The vote oh and by the way you ladies and gentlemen these two cute panda is the first ever twins I think. Born in captivity in the in the US homes and they are they are laying their acutely without names and you can't let this happen. You cannot what's your name this gorgeous what your name. And that she's actually she's back. This little. This little intrepid journalist interviewed me. Earlier this year yeah she's -- she put -- under the gore did that or just to keep it all so what. Beginning to ideas for him that little -- what's your question. Olivia so that's taken -- OK we could usually we could it was if it was OK yeah but what at what would you take to get two names. And see how hard this is America. And now. You know what a lot of people lining here a lot of people are among the lighting -- -- he had to -- -- -- -- and -- we'd actually like Twitter. Reminds me and I actually like the salmon Josh I'm okay with that -- -- -- which -- the one linking any other year that figure. Don't want it doesn't want to be bothered me after I wanted to let. The one on the left that doesn't want to be bothered that is that's oddly discolored the F you know oddly. Not mildly not just economically and at least highlight that day and I highlight I don't know -- talk about.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"Sam, Josh and Sara debate whether the panda in a video is real.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20563941","title":"Runaway Golf Cart Driven by Panda","url":"/GMA/video/runaway-golf-cart-driven-panda-20563941"}