How Safe Is Your Eyelash Salon?

Fake lash extensions could cause painful damage.
2:31 | 02/11/15

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Transcript for How Safe Is Your Eyelash Salon?
Beauty bars, popping up all over the country as you know offering eyelash extensions. But those fake lashes can also lead to painful sometimes permanent damage and ABC's Linzie Janis has that story. ? Reporter: Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, beyonce, they're all known for their luscious lashes and women from coast to coast go to extremes to get that long lash look. Many ditching the mascara wand for eyelash extensions including me. How does it work? Single synthetic lashes glued individually to each natural lash. I feel so glamorous but this quest for beauty can sometimes turn ugly. Just rafiqullah Houston's that 'stache that peopler who got eyelash extensions last year. The. Time I didn't have a reaction. Reporter: After four politics. My eyes were swollen up to my eyebrows then they were completely bloodshot. Just totally red. Lots of burning. Simms that last for more than a day. Certainly anything associated with pain in the eyes or decreased vision should prompt a visit to an eye care professional. Reporter: Peeper believes the culprit was the glue. Formaldehyde contained in glue can cause allergic reactions like the one she suffered but the association for damage-free eyelash extensions tells ABC news that properly applied eyelash extensions are not dangerous. And that the adhesive should not contain formaldehyde and Hy hypoallergenic adhesives are available. Here at makeup Mandy where they make their own formaldehyde-free glue, they see two to three customers a week asking them to fix bad eyelash extensions they got elsewhere. We have a lot that come in with horror stories that went to the place with a bargain. All stuck together, way too much adhesive use. Top three things? Ask if they're certified and licensed. I would ask about the products they're using and ask for pictures. It should look like a single hair. Reporter: Doctors say first make sure you're a good candidate. I would be a little hesitant, though, to recommend this procedure in patients of mine who already have other risk factors for infections such as a contact lens wearer or a patient with significant dry eye. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Linzie Janis, ABC news, Los Angeles. Respearen't you glad you're not a girl. I was just thinking of that. So much easier. Yeah, thanks to Linzie for that, I agree. Next up in "Heat index,"

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Fake lash extensions could cause painful damage. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28885438","title":"How Safe Is Your Eyelash Salon?","url":"/GMA/video/safe-eyelash-salon-28885438"}