Safety Concerns Being Raised Over Travel Carriers for Pets

Find out what crates will keep your pets the safest on the go.
2:24 | 07/24/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Safety Concerns Being Raised Over Travel Carriers for Pets
Also in the "Heat index" this morning, new questions about the pet crates and cages used for traveling. Just how safe are your pets when inside one? We'll look at that and it doesn't make you feel good. T.j. Holmes has more. That's not a real pet. Everybody knows. That's good. Some people were concerned. Seriously, right but everybody knows, pet owners out there, you do it. You let the intelligence dog get inside the car roam and put his head out the window. You're not supposed to do that and it can hurt the dog and somebody else in the car. Use a crate but some groundbreaking research shows that the crates aren't passing the test. Watch this. An exclusive first look video shows how a pet crate would hold up in a 30-mile-per-hour simulated crash. The crash test dummy dog flying out of the carrier. The center for pet safety and subaru teaming up to test 14 pet crates, carriers and accessories to see how they all hold up. We had some really surprising results. Reporter: Lindsey waco is a founder of a center for safety. We could not believe how violent that test turned out to be. Reporter: Of the 14 crates and carriers tested, 11 did not provide adequate protection. It was just shocking. Reporter: Dog trainer Alicia Calhoun was traveling with her six dogs when she says she was in a bad car accident. All of the dogs just being shot out of the car. Reporter: Tsunami, a 13-week-old puppy along with one other dog did not make it. Tsunami was the only one in a crate and the right type could have possibly saved her life. Many manufacturers claim to test their products, but the industry is unregulated leaving no uniform performance standards for pet travel safety products. But those topping cps' list of approved ones, gunner kennel, petgo and sleepypod and the appa says they can't comment on a test process conducted about I a third party non-profit organization but says our members are always interested in maximizing the safety of their products. Look, people don't even think about it, right? They throw the dog in there and let the dog roam. You would never do your child like that or a loved -- A member of your family so -- 100%. It's that simple. Thanks, T.J. Out to ginger in the park

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Find out what crates will keep your pets the safest on the go. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32660670","title":"Safety Concerns Being Raised Over Travel Carriers for Pets","url":"/GMA/video/safety-concerns-raised-travel-carriers-pets-32660670"}