Sarah Jessica Parker talks 'hard conversations' amid the #MeToo movement

Plus, the "Divorce" star shares marriage advice and dishes on what fans can expect in Season 2 of the hit HBO comedy-drama.
5:01 | 01/19/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sarah Jessica Parker talks 'hard conversations' amid the #MeToo movement
with our friend Sarah Jessica parker. Now back with the second season of her new show on HBO "Divorce." Great to you see you again. Likewise. Ali and I watched it last night. How is if for the marriage? We decided to renew our vows. I'm starting to think it's good for marriage. It is because it shows how hard divorce is. Exactly. How bad could it be? Is it really -- do you really want to go through this? We just try to work it out. Work at it. It's worth it. You guys have a lot of light moments as well and I want to show everybody a little bit. Okey-dokey. Huh. He likes nic Cute. Is that a giraffe in the background? Can I -- can you -- wait a minute. Oh. Yes, indeed that is a giraffe. Always wanted to go on a safari. It could be at the zoo. I don't understand why you don't want me to have this nice fancy. Give me it back. No, what are you doing? Back in the dating pool. Yot to tackle a lot of new things in the second season. Yeah, I think, you know, Frances had big lofty ideas about what liberation might look like and I think she's discovering, a, that most of it is just simply not true and, B, that the world is different for single women today and a lot of being single includes electronic devices, not what you're -- I'm not saying -- Morning television. No, no, but I think it's sort of a revelation how different the world is for people who are looking for partnership and also who are trying to be parents and responsible parents and try to solve financial issues that are really challenging. But it's been great fun to explore this particular next chapter. Yeah, you have great women on camera and great women behind camera as well. What a year for it. I was just thinking about it. Tomorrow is the year anniversary of that women's March on Washington. It's really been a year of women's power, hasn't it? It has been. Yeah, and I think it's been a sort of interesting slow burn, meaning it's -- Slow burn. I think obviously the March was historic and inspiring but then there's been this sort of whole new growth to the conversation that happened -- Me too. Yeah, and I think it didn't happen on the heels of that March. I think people who have been having a lot of experiences and watching government and deciding whether they want to run in local, you know, local races and so by slow burn I don't mean to diminish in any way but I think it's been thoughtful and it's sort of -- it's revealing itself and I think the conversations that a lot of us are having in our home and work spaces is important and huge and challenging certainly worthwhile. Have you felt the difference in the business? Yes, I felt it and I think when I speak to people across lots of industries, everybody has felt the difference and whether the change is in effect or the conversation is happening, I think that's the part that feels most meaningful is that people are willing to have the hard conversations and these are right now. But I sort of think that you -- one cannot retreat from this. You know, that -- there's simply nothing controversial really about the idea of equality and parity and safe working environments and I think -- Should be simple. You would be hard-pressed to be argue against it or you'd look rather foolish so I think it's exciting. Before we go we got the pope's marriage advice in our last half hour and we've got -- What is it? Don't wear your rings too tight or so lose they fall off. As usual, sage advice. We got newlyweds. Oh really? Hey, we just got married one month ago so we would love to know your tips on a successful marriage to prevent divorce. Oh. George. Will you join me in counsel. Well, first -- Watch "Divorce," forgiveness. Watch it together and bring as many friends along as well to watch it with you. And then I would say probably don't talk about your marriage a lot. That's interesting. Do you know what I mean? Meaning the more you're inclined to have it beyourmarriageand not everybody else's, the more -- maybe they stay out of it. I don't know. I don't know how that is material in any way to your life. Mostly I'm glad you've lasted a month. I'm very happy for you. So continued happiness. Thank you, George.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Plus, the \"Divorce\" star shares marriage advice and dishes on what fans can expect in Season 2 of the hit HBO comedy-drama. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52451331","title":"Sarah Jessica Parker talks 'hard conversations' amid the #MeToo movement","url":"/GMA/video/sarah-jessica-parker-talks-hard-conversations-amid-metoo-52451331"}