Saving Captain Phillips: Meet One Of The Real-Life Heroes Behind The New Movie

Vice Admiral Michelle Howard led effort to stop pirates off Somalia coast.
4:16 | 10/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Saving Captain Phillips: Meet One Of The Real-Life Heroes Behind The New Movie
Welcome to power players on Yahoo! on David curly from ABC news and today we have a very special guest vice admiral. Michelle Howard by the US navy who was very instrumental in. What we're seeing over the weekend a brand new movie being released. Captain Phillips admiral thanks very much for joining us and taking some time to talk about a schedule are intimately involved. In this rescue can reassess -- just taking command of a -- strike group we have big problems with pirates -- Molly comes you get a phone call. And what do they say and what do you do. I was about three days into the job when we got word that captain Phillips had been kidnapped. And he was aboard the maersk Alabama so we started trying to pinpoint where was. We knew we had one asset close by so we sent the Bainbridge the USS Bainbridge to go intercept and -- a -- sense of what was happening. I'm sure there were -- range of options -- that's what's going through your mind and working with your colleagues as to how you get it rescue discount. It was a little startling to find out he was being held on the life craft. We found out that the life raft was heading to the -- colds. So very quickly. The focus of the mission became don't let the life -- touch land. We figured out that if that life raft got ashore before we -- rescued him that probably be the last three seasons have became time critical. Very much so as the first twenty for hours unfolded we realize. The live traffic picked up the Kurds who was moving at three to four -- towards Somalia we had about eleven hours or so before we -- the fear intercepted. And her options were and what -- of so this was this was the unusual this was -- contained life -- so and you have a hostage. And work when we're not really the FBI would elderly do hostage negotiation but we -- this is what were we gotta start. The negotiations actually led to some kind of deal with the hostage takers that we have to come up with a way. To convince the pirates it was in their best interest to stop moving to Somalia without hurting the life -- them. Are putting so much pressure on them that they would hurt captain Phillips because captain Phillips is -- leverage analysis. -- and so we used high speed maneuvers to try to get the life craft to stop. And then that opened up up a more honest dialogue between the -- the Bainbridge in his team in the pirates. This went on for a couple of days Yassin -- a critical moment where you have an opportunity. To save captain Phillips. Seals are brought and tell me what's going through your mind. We gave the pirates many opportunities to give up. So part of it is making sure we rendezvous in safely collect the special forces but as the days went on the pirates apparently got more frustrated than they were actually beating captain Phillips and we had. A vision of this -- are unmanned aerial vehicle. And and we were gaining more and more concerned that they were gonna get so frustrated or angry that they might actually kill them so we're we're sharpshooters that helped take out some of the hostage takers that parts. It go the -- -- planned. We've made several plans -- mini plants along the way of how to what we could do to get the life -- to stop what we could do to negotiate with the pirates -- in the end with captain Phillips was rescued. I was eminently satisfied with the outcome had seen the movie. Besides non target. I have seen them what you think. It it's pretty accurate what I like is that sailors and Marines are actual sailors Marines in the background in the merchant -- actual election and so. You you get a sense of the professionalism. Of our sailors and Marines and the focus they had in in bringing captain Phillips safely home and that teamwork. That that is -- really comes through in the movie. By several -- Howard it's been a pleasure real honor to meet you and thank you very much for your service and how that went down a couple of years appreciate it film I think welcome thanks extremist. And thank you for joining us on Yahoo! power players I'm David -- from ABC news you can follow me on Twitter at David. Underscore currently thanks for joining us.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Vice Admiral Michelle Howard led effort to stop pirates off Somalia coast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20537362","title":"Saving Captain Phillips: Meet One Of The Real-Life Heroes Behind The New Movie","url":"/GMA/video/saving-captain-phillips-meet-real-life-heroes-movie-20537362"}