Scarlett Johansson on 'Old-Fashioned Super Hero' Movie

The star discusses her return as the Black Widow in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."
3:00 | 04/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Scarlett Johansson on 'Old-Fashioned Super Hero' Movie
"Captain America" is about to hit the big screen again and that means Scarlett Johansson is back as the black widow. ABC's nick watt caught up with the superstar to see what kind of intrigue she'll spin in "The winter soldier." Come on. Reporter: Scarlett Johansson is back as the black widow. The greatest spy on Earth, the Russian defector fighting evil alongside a superhero who's been at it since his comic book debut back in 1941. "Captain America" is to me the very old-fashioned superhero. Constantly going to have to collect his shield from where he's thrown it. Got to get a better system for that. Reporter: They won't because marvel studios always stays true to the comics, very true and that's a large part of the charm. I enjoyed it and I'm not a colic book guy. I'm also not a comic book gal. I grew up on on not comics and easily confused by anything. Any twist a plot and I didn't see "The sixth sense," I didn't see that ending coming. Everything is a big shocker to me. Reporter: I tell you there's something for everyone. Action, quips. How do we know the good guys from bad guys. If they're shooting at you they're bad. Reporter: Personal communication, not a lot of love interest for the romantics. About the nurse that live as cross the hall? She seemed nice. The engine room then find me a date. Reporte . I'm multitasking. Reporter: Why don't they get together. They're struggling with their own identity. I don't think being in the middle of an identity crisis is any place to start a relationship. Although, you never know. Reporter: This is her third marvel movie. Will scar Jo be back for more? I'm doing "Avengers 2" and that's as far as I can look right now. Thank you so much, Scarlett. Reporter: Is she pregnant as the rumorill suggests? I was too polite to ask. They should change your hair color. To what? Blond. Why? Blonds have more fun. You look so much nicer blond, Scarlett. That's nice. Okay, I'll take it. Reporter: As a compliment. I'll take it. I'll buy it. Reporter: For "Good morning America," nick watt, ABC news. Nick watt, the charmer. "Captain America: The winter soldier" opens this Friday, April 4th.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The star discusses her return as the Black Widow in \"Captain America: The Winter Soldier.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23140223","title":"Scarlett Johansson on 'Old-Fashioned Super Hero' Movie","url":"/GMA/video/scarlett-johansson-black-widow-star-talks-captain-america-23140223"}