How to Keep School Campuses Safe

Safety experts share red flags to watch for and what to do in a moment of crisis.
2:40 | 10/02/15

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Transcript for How to Keep School Campuses Safe
The campus shooting in Oregon once again throwing the spotlight on an important question. Can we keep our schools safe? ABC's David Wright is here with a look at that. Good morning. Reporter: Hugely important question. Mass shootings are not a unique American phenomenon but they are a uniquely American epidemic. Every campus in the country is grappling with this issue, how do we protect our kids? This morning, those families in Oregon are reeling from a threat all of our kids face. The challenge nationwide -- Being able to prevent a crisis before it occurs. Reporter: Daniel Carter runs a safety initiative formed after the deadliest college rampage in U.S. History, Virginia tech where a lone gunman killed 32 students and faculty members. There's almost always some type of red flag in advance of they type of crisis situation. Reporter: Nearly 50% of campus killers give some sort of advanced warning. Attention, this is a drill. We need to lock down. Reporter: Many schools run regular drills. Please go behind my desk. Reporter: We witnessed one in Colorado, the teacher locks the door, the students huddle. It's kind of scary, huh? The teacher trying to strike a balance between calmness and fear. This is all very real to her. When you look at those kid, are you always thinking, somebody could come and take away their lives like that. No, no. When I look at those kids I think how great they are. I think how lucky I am to teach them and I think about -- I wonder what they're going to be like when they grow up. Her school skyview academy is now taking the drills one step further teaching the teachers how and when to fight back. You're steving a lot to be heroes who don't have the training who aren't necessarily adduls. You bet. They don't have the training because we don't prepare them. Reporter: When the gunman bursts in everyone throws something at him. Tennis balls but in real life it could be a hole punch or a desk chair or a dictionary. The question is, would this save lives if the bullets were real? You know, those active shooter builup it colles leavingross germ-rden Stai. Clorox let bowl clear with Bach iso T Lysol WER toilet bl cleaner eliminates mineral builffortlessly. So why choose anything other than Lysol? Ituation like

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Safety experts share red flags to watch for and what to do in a moment of crisis. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34198830","title":"How to Keep School Campuses Safe","url":"/GMA/video/school-campuses-safe-34198830"}