Seth Macfarlane Talks 'A Million Ways to Die In the West'

MacFarlane reveals why he decided to step away from “Family Guy.”
11:20 | 05/30/14

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Transcript for Seth Macfarlane Talks 'A Million Ways to Die In the West'
If we live in a terrible place in time. The American west is a disgusting awful dirty dangerous place for granted. Everything out here that's not you wants to kill you. Outlaws angry drunk people scorn hookers hungry animals diseases major and minor injuries Indians the -- you can't -- just going to the bathroom to those -- over there the guys who work in the sober minds to what they're eating ribs doused in hot sauce -- -- hot spicy foods every meal of the day you know why. Because their -- are so completely told from an hilly poison gas twelve hours a day down in the minds that's all -- can taste. You're kind of -- does to your guts they literally die from their own -- -- -- body on Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell -- got the popcorn what happens at the movies and there's a movie out now called a million ways to die in the west and I wanted to talk to the actor and the director and the producer in the -- writer and co composer there's too many people stuffed into this room. So we have to McFarland. Who actually is almost -- I wish I was a co composer I'm not -- Condit did that song and I have a our alert -- that's called out. Aren't you did at all he did it -- -- feeling good about yourself -- thing. Never have never enough to not feel good enough -- is find -- way to via. I'm hitting operating as he shouldn't. But there's no reason for you today. You'd be your first -- as director is most successful what they like to -- Well it's successful it's one of -- are rated success yet clean. You know that I just thought it but maybe now another opening I noticed them with it was a rented studio. And heartache and a blue pill that becomes a -- -- it's gonna get a good after awhile we expect this wet and so I'll get right to bid for -- YY. After. Did you decide to do west. And we -- that you and say the -- gonna put in every scene will be. I won't be there in this whole problem. You know I I'm a fan of. Stories that and independents and services summit that works in comedy and it works in science fiction. Stories of premises that take. A weird idea weird quirky idea something different than than the every day norm. And make it -- Monday. Thank casual lies something ridiculous and and that's what I try to do with ten -- -- to -- this idea of talking Teddy bear who was. Brought to life by a -- -- action. OK well what would what would what would that be after everyone -- Finished gasping and doing -- nine and then what happens and and that's kind of what I wanted to do with the western you know wanted to take. Something that looked like. John Ford -- from the fifth is that businesses and -- -- capital. Bring it into the very modern mundane present that through the characters' personalities and through their line delivery and through the that the overall -- If you could've come your character Albert could have come a time machine yet -- -- He's also make. Sheep herder yeah who's really bad -- Charlie stands characters as you yet you -- -- everything yet. -- I was you know that was. The that this the sheep herders were were not well liked the few farmers -- -- -- it is Vichy put -- so close to the roots of the grass that. Nothing else could grow there in the house can -- The original movie. -- Montana. -- when movie where he plays -- very bad for now yes yes it's not a good -- and a half and it has it has that just ridiculous ending where he's having your memories like walking down the street. In his victory parade. With his 500 sheep trailing behind him writing -- his horse trying to look tough I think you're being trailed by 500 -- you look ridiculous. And and it it -- these these various bits of research let us this idea that the sheep farmer probably would have been the -- Of the old west like if there's if there's somebody who is not Gary Cooper it was not John -- not the alpha. Who's the guy too scared. Get and all that this -- because she part it would. Be that -- -- who you know it reminds me earlier in the basement you do me parking -- that made a movie called that she. If he get a yeah you know and so that's happening but it's also that the department. -- -- see you not only. Oscar Schindler. In the movie mean what with what -- my favorite character Clinton's lead that would yeah that is good name for a -- yeah. Then you have lake Oscar winner Charlize there's a whole little Oscar thing going so. You're not saying okay I'll be in this movie I won't be enemy Albion and I'm directing. Helped put together in every way. And I'm gonna put myself in it with these people. See you there's your -- We're stupid. I mean that that there there -- two schools but you do you do you. -- you know cast people who -- who who you think you can top. And thereby make sure that you you look good or do you cast people who who you can learn from and who will hopefully bring you. Up here to hear both potential and that was -- -- that I significant if I'm playing opposite Charlie's Aaron. Who's supremely talented. At such a great partner so much of what your performances -- and that what you're getting from the other person and she was just constantly throwing -- stimulus and it made difference between. Me going into this uneasy in being completely relaxed pretty soon into the process and shoes shoes. I I over a lot for the so when people tell you but look you go to. For they say to all the -- whether it's on Family Guy than. Anything -- even the Oscars since then what is. -- and lately it's been done in the past there are those moments where -- watch it with an audience and they are going. Ha you know and and they got to let that is -- gonna go to Iraq they -- he did. He didn't went. -- -- -- -- What you're trying to get them that there are not trying to be thinking of pushing him. I'm amazingly no and I and I don't you know I I I I'm never out to shock for shock sick that there it has to be a joke that if I'm put in the position. I can somehow justified in some way. And so you know it's it's it's the laugh always comes first that if it's like -- boy what we. That sure is offensive -- we -- -- -- so let's try it must be funny. And it is yeah. -- it is a self policing process because you do you you test the movie in front of you know audience after audience -- -- that's that's -- that's the scientific method you know and it's it's. If -- gets a laugh over and over it can't be that offensive or or or it is it has to have some other level -- work. -- And you also seem to be the hardest working man in show business you always doing something else you're about to start -- -- It looked like -- may be surprised how the effect. If you walk every and so. That's good -- the patent it cannot -- that. While you're running all these of the show so why is a day in the life -- -- -- -- and he's not working -- -- -- -- If it doesn't eat pop. Yeah -- -- this is great it doesn't happen that often. When it does I. You know I'd like to be home like. Play the piano I've watch movies all all. Catch up on TV and all. Attempt to play tennis and and give up after a few minutes. But I. I'd also -- get antsy but take a vacation they get restless of the three days and I feel like that come back. -- -- so yeah you know I'm exhausted so it's so it it's yet to figure out what that. Balances there's something twisted in -- -- that's a lot -- -- -- Broadway this. Now as a critic I'm really fascinated by hearing what somebody like six do we. How he would review. A million ways to die in the west what would he say he's. It's awfully windy. Hopefully we'd be. That's wanted an epic applicable and the other was of it and we Indy movie in we in the wind -- -- you think of the given. Doing a comedy the theatrical trick to earn double win. He has a whole new career cut out the -- of doing that. Talking about Family Guy which is running for a long time now yeah you get the same excitement -- that you did when he started. You know I I honestly. I'm I'm not. -- not physically involved as much. When I left to do Ted that was when that was when I kind of cut the cordon and -- all right if I gotta do it now's the time. And I and I left and and and put the show and very capable hands of producing partners and and it's been it's been well run -- and I watch the shows that I can caucuses this is great the show is. Sustaining nicely. And allowing me to move on other things. Can I -- what you know said that would it be advising you to do right now as your next move. For God's sakes do not come to another one of these interviews without a -- a something. You know I don't care for our kids how often -- you -- you show up not as yourself you doing all the job. It's good -- -- Genuinely is and I think. These voices can continue to -- you criticized yeah I didn't hear Moscow think that it that is Arlington could stay out of different. Kind of rehab or treatments that's whirl wind up event -- bubbly and insane asylum just doing voices quietly to myself but would you be the entertaining want to hear. -- -- -- -- I think that's kind of a good thing you're not missing marriage family this whole settling down a -- business like the family Barack. Yeah you you would do that. What we. Seth always and in song now all -- -- when mark -- was here we did -- Andris. It was a series of lips but it would it work. -- but. It could be any song that is in your head and any points including her -- while. But we have to. That -- and mean we just need to feel right right right. Atmosphere. Somebody will find it -- little -- room. Oh overs were dreamers and EU. They go from the product permit is in there to have this kind of truly -- I thank you for happened thank you -- -- and given us the good. School thanks so much.

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{"id":23929300,"title":"Seth Macfarlane Talks 'A Million Ways to Die In the West'","duration":"11:20","description":"MacFarlane reveals why he decided to step away from “Family Guy.” ","url":"/GMA/video/seth-macfarlane-interview-2014-family-guy-creator-million-23929300","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}