Shania Twain Announces New World Tour

The country-pop superstar will kick off her farewell tour in June 2015.
7:32 | 03/04/15

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Transcript for Shania Twain Announces New World Tour
The queen of country pop, Shania twain, is here with us this morning. The five-time grammy winner has a huge announcement to make. We're going to find out what it is in just a moment. I promise it'll be my first question but first a look back at how far she's come. ? ? that don't impress me much ? Reporter: She's the impressive megastar with a megavoice, Shania twain. ? Oh oh ? Reporter: The confident queen of country pop selling more than 75 million records worldwide. Earning endless accolades including nine billboard music award, five American music awards and five grammys. ? From this moment ? Reporter: Her hits crossing genres climbing country. ? Your boots ? Reporter: And pop charts. ? Oh oh oh give me the action ? ? come on over ? Reporter: Her 1997 album "Come on over" one of the all-time best-selling album by a female artist. ? This is as good as it gets ? Reporter: And the best-selling country album of all time. ? Still going strong ? Reporter: Shania is here with a big announcement reminding us why she's still the one. ? You're still the one I run to the one that I belong to ? ? you're still the one -- Yes, the woman has had a lot of hits and as we've been saying all morning she's still the one. Shania twain! Whoo. Beautiful. Wonderful to see you again. Okay, I said it would be my first question. What is the big announcement? What's the big announcement? Well, I'm finally after 11 years I'm going back on tour. Whoo! It's been a long time. It's been 11 years. 11 years so finally going back on the road. Yes, you are. Anything more? Well, this is a very, very important time in my life on the road. This is going to be a big, big tour for me because it's going to be my last. No, it's not. We're not going -- you feel this is going to be the last -- This is my last tour, so, yeah, I'm going to make the most of it. Let's put it that way. It's a celebration tour for me. You know, so I really feel that, you know, Las Vegas, the show the "Still the one" show was a huge mountain to climb for me. I took that challenge on. I not only got through it, I enjoyed it. It was a huge reward and I see the upcoming tour as a celebration of that and I just feel like I'm ready to hang my hat up in that regard and, you know, I just really want to go out with a bang and the concert tour on the road is going to be completely different. A totally different show. How is it going to be different? Well, you're still the one in Vegas was a show really designed for that stage, for caesars palace, for the coliseum. And I didn't want to take part of the show on the road. I want to take an entirely new show that is custom-made for traveling and for touring so it's going to be a kick -- rocking show. Las Vegas, so it starts June in Seattle. Is that where you kick it off. Yes. Going to 50 cities. 48 cities. Okay. And I should do 50 because I'm 50 this year. I should just do 50 shows. No way. Yeah, but you said it is about a celebration and I and many of the crew, we had a good time seeing you there on the stage. The horse coming in, your sister on stage with you and there's a connection that you have with your fans and so many of them when we said you were coming so many of them said she better be saying she's going on tour and that they're already going -- I'm calling this sort of the unofficially rock this country tour but it's the after-party tour. How I see it. The after-party to all of these years of, you know, I mean I have been off the road for awhile but Las Vegas was -- felt, you know, two years consecutive, it was a lot of just a lot of stage, a lot of work, so this is the after-party tour and celebration tour, yeah. We saw -- you recently had an ABC special that was kind of like going behind the scenes in Las Vegas and you said something about how being in Las Vegas and going back was kind of like therapy for you in many ways. How so? Well, first of all, hi to get the courage to get back up on stage again because I hadn't been up on stage in a decade. So that was a bit scary, a bit overwhelming and, of course, the stage at the coliseum is giant. It is. So the whole thing was just bigger than I'd ever done before. So a big challenge and I had some vocal challenges to overcome, as well. Didn't Gladys knight and Lionel Richie help you with ha. They did. They were so encouraging and basically told me to get over it. Get back on the microphone. You can do. And you did. And they were right. They were right. I just needed courage is what I really needed and that helped moo he work through the whole thing. Two questions because you have so many followers on social media that they absolutely love you and one Lisa wants to know, any new music that you have coming out? I'm working on the new record as we speak. So I'm on the microphone every day recording stuff and so that's going to be coming up after the tour so I've got -- you know, I got to get back on the road sort of -- I don't want to say get the tour out of my system but enjoy ha celebration party and then I'll get back to the record. I'll be -- you know, I want it to come out when I'm 50 so it will happen. I'm going to make it happen. You are going to make it happen. This last one is a good one. Despite all the obstacles you have had to face throughout your life, you always overcome them with grace and poise. Who or what was your source of strength through it all? Gosh, you know, I look to others for my strength. I mean I know that strength is within and all of that, but I draw inspiration from the people around me, from others suffering, frustrating, my mother was a big sufferer in her own life. Died young. She -- you know, I just -- I look for the courage in others and then I find mine. So I just have to say that the inspiration comes from everybody around me. I think that's why I just -- I love being with the fans and I love getting out into the audience, I like hearing their stories and I like talking to them during the show. This is where I draw it from. Really. That is a connection you have so it's going to be a celebration tour and after-party starring in Seattle in June. Thank you so much. You keep -- so when is your 50th? You keep referring to it. August, that's the end of the tour. It's all going to come together. It'll be -- I'll be an emotional wreck. No, you won't. You give us strength. You give us such inspiration, Shania, thank you, thank you for being who you are. Shania, still the one live from Las Vegas. Cd and DVD on sale now only at Walmart and the tickets for the rock the country tour go on sale for her fans next Tuesday, March 10th and for the public on Friday, March 13th. Be there or be square. And next time you come back here you'll be singing, all right. You'll be singing. That's a guarantee. Hey, iing booed her. I already booked her, Monica. Okay, got it.

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"The country-pop superstar will kick off her farewell tour in June 2015. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29379257","title":"Shania Twain Announces New World Tour","url":"/GMA/video/shania-twain-announces-world-tour-29379257"}