'Shark Tank Your Life' Products Just for Kids

Two entrepreneurs go head-to-head in front of "Shark Tank" host Kevin O'Leary.
4:25 | 04/24/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Shark Tank Your Life' Products Just for Kids
? And it's time now for a new edition of "Shark tank your life." Two young entrepreneurs are about to go head to head in front of the one and only Kevin o'leary here. All for a spot on or "Shark tank" wall of winners. Our products today are marketed towards children. So what is the best investment parents can make to set up their kids for success? Any toy or activity that advances math or Reading scores at ages 3 to 5 is a fap it's aic investment. The world's gotten good at making them. That's the first challenge the school system. We'll get right to our pitches. Both entrepreneurs think their products will help kids learn and have fun. First up, we have Lucy ravitch. A book that lets kids pretend they own a restaurant. Hi, shark. Every parent knows how much kids want to play restaurant. I want to tell you about the pancake menu. An interablgtive book that lets kids do that. They order from each other and complete sales using play money and other fun materials. Plus, you can help your kids make the menu come the life with the tasty recipes. It's a hands-on math experience for family and friends. %-Pthat's what callmart, and sweet. Well done, Lucy. And Kevin will keep his thoughts to himself until the very end. In the meantime, we brought together a team of kid testers. Let's hear from our kid testers at home. All these recipes, they have to be baked with a parent. So I think I'm going to give this toy a thumbs down. It can teach little kids how to do math and really how to cook. I give this toy a thumbs up. All right. We have very critical kid there is who loved it or hated it. We're going hear from Kevin in a bit. Thank you, Lucy. Next up, we have Sara sakowitz. She's coming on in here. All right, there's Sara with her big name tag. With a science experiment kit that you can have delivered at your house once a month. Take it away. Hi, Sark. I'm Sara, the 19-year-old cofounder of blue moon box, the hands on way to get young boys and girls excited about science. Every month, a new kit arrives filled with the materials that kids need to explore science. It focuses on interactive stories from erupting volcanos. Everything is a safe and easy cleanup. So every blue moon pox is bursting with science fun. Order your subscription today. It is so cool. I would give this blue moon box a thumbs up. It was so much fun. I give it a thumbs up. All right. Got lots of thumbs up there from the kids at home. Sara and loucy are back. Kevin speaks. They're both great ideas because they're both advancing education at an early age. Helping kids pass those scores. I'll tell you about Sara's deal. There was a deal on "Shark tank" that nobody gave money to. It was boxes every month for new families with kids. It was a huge hit. It's one of the once that got away. It's a proven model. No shark was an investor of the other product. Before you do the big reveal. I want a drum roll. Whoever wince today is going to be on our wall of winners. Kevin, who takes the prize today? I'm going with what I learned works. Sara's deal. Science in a box. Blue moon box. Congratulations, Sara. Lucy, a wonderful book to you as well. Hand this over to you, Sara. Hold that proudly. Put your -- your face is on our wall of winners. Great job to both of our entrepreneurs this morning. Thank you, Kevin o'leary. Tune in to "Shark tank" tonight. Coming up, we have more.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Two entrepreneurs go head-to-head in front of \"Shark Tank\" host Kevin O'Leary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30553594","title":"'Shark Tank Your Life' Products Just for Kids","url":"/GMA/video/shark-tank-life-products-kids-30553594"}