Simon Cowell Affair: 'X-Factor' Creator Impregnates Friend's Wife

The former "American Idol" judge may be asked to testify in court.
3:03 | 08/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Simon Cowell Affair: 'X-Factor' Creator Impregnates Friend's Wife
We can't wait to get out there. First, the "gma heat index." The top stories trending this morning. Beginning with new revelations about simon cowell's love triangle. Linsey davis is here with more on that story. Reporter: You're saying yes, right? Good morning, everybody. I think so, too. Likely. Cowell said to be absolutely shell-shocked he's becoming a dad. But he's vowing to step up and take responsibility. Meanwhile, sources tell "the new york post" that lauren silverman, his future baby's mother, is hoping cowell will put a ring on it. Now that "x factor" creator, simon cowell, has been named a factor in divorce papers, all eyes are on this woman. 36-year-old lauren silverman, the wife of cowell's good friend. Have you spoken to simon since the news broke? Reporter: Silverman, seen here with her mother, with a bit of a baby bump in this video on thursday. She is still married to real estate mogul andrew silverman, who filed for divorce two weeks ago. And made cowell a co-respondent in the action. There's reports that andrew has mentioned the allegation of adultery in his divorce filings. This is something in a no-fault state, new york, that you don't normally see. There's an emotional agenda going on. Reporter: The brutally honest, sharp-tongued former "american idol" judge, who is normally anything but silent -- are the rumors true? Reporter: Had no comment wednesday night, as he left the set of "the x factor" just hours after the reports began to surface that the 53-year-old is going to be a father for the first time. Reporter: Simon and lauren met through andrew. They all sort of vacationed together in the caribbean. Everything we've been told is that lauren is ecstatic to be having this baby with simon. She is happy with simon. And this is very much a good thing for her. orter: SILVERMAN IS Reported to be about ten weeks pregnant. Cowell learned just around july 10th. I think sleeping with your best friend's wife, is the ultimate betrayal. The trust level you have to allow a person to be that close to the person that's most important to you, when it's violated is -- I don't know that there's a bigger betrayal. Reporter: Overnight, andrew and lauren silverman separately released statements to "people" magazine. Both said they are working to resolve their issues, while protecting their 7-year-old son. Andrew is reportedly taking sole custody of their 7-year-old son. Divorce attorneys unrelated to the case suggest that andrew may have named cowell in the divorce, not only to embarrass him, but also to play pesz in the divorce settlement, since cowell is worth $350 million. When you hear about a 7-year-old involved, you hope -- thanks, linsey. Also, what could be the

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{"id":19849952,"title":"Simon Cowell Affair: 'X-Factor' Creator Impregnates Friend's Wife","duration":"3:03","description":"The former \"American Idol\" judge may be asked to testify in court.","url":"/GMA/video/simon-cowell-lauren-silverman-affair-factor-creator-impregnates-19849952","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}