Sneak Peek of Star Studded Styles at Oscars 2014

Oscars 2014: Sneak Peek of Star Studded Styles
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Transcript for Sneak Peek of Star Studded Styles at Oscars 2014
Delaying it is a girl's best friend and at the Academy Awards the stars are shining from head to toe with the most exquisite jewelry. Here with a sneak peek at the biggest trends you'll see on the red carpet is Kelly he wrote -- she -- stylist and head of marketing for -- jewels. They've decked out some of Hollywood's most well known stars from Catherine Zeta-Jones to Katy Perry even Michelle Obama and guess what. It kindly lent beans to me for today. Sutra and just today by the way they're going back as soon as that segment is over -- I'm enjoying them for an out stickers started out as a boutique jeweler. And we want to know Kelly how did you go from that to decking out the stars. Well you know every designer injury news happy -- -- celebrity. You know it's really an effort between our internal PR and -- -- our show rooms. And -- celebrity's personal stylist to meet the needs and what they want for their big day. How -- Bargaining. Politicking goes on behind the scenes to get celebrities to Wear your items and then eventually get photographed and that. Well you know I think ultimately it into the data celebrity has the last call. And you know these kind of things can change up until the moment they hit the red carpet -- something to be omitted added or changed. Salim you know it it it is not to them and you know it as long as good and feel -- and it it you know it it can change so. You know there is a lot of negotiation going on it when it comes to -- -- and -- so colors. Can this be swapped out you just not turnout so right. But you know I mean you have to imagine. That there is a huge group of people surrounding that's celebrity telling her or him you look fabulous I love excite you. And they're pushing them in a direction and you wanna be friends with that person who's really counting in the minds of the celebrity's. Right well you know we we do -- establish relationships with people and we love. For celebrities try out our brand you know as a relief fund -- until we -- we to -- we create jewelry for the water quality and who has -- -- for luxury an artillery really -- it has that -- gothic feel so it. And so you know in a sea of -- you really have to recognize. That. An -- O'Leary young Brandon just started in 2008. And we've -- and its success with the red carpet and becoming a celebrity brands they are so -- we -- is seeing in your jewels at the Oscars. A lot of that's not the million dollars -- and Rebecca what do you million dollar question. Some. Like expect you know in the past we've had so many amazing -- Blair Britain. And I. You know like -- And of course is CN double for Oscar this year she's -- the Fuller. You know we could Netscape -- sale Jennifer Hudson has its Oscars floor and she actually -- The red carpet -- for Fuller. And so we just you know we never know. OK so still how many how many how many thousands of dollars are these hearings that I'm wearing right now. Well I think you might read it she used -- which did you pick. I'm I chose be -- there and they have like. Op blood stream coming down in the midst of lots of diamonds. Yes. Thirty. Okay. 35000 UC I I'm not even a connoisseur of these things that's why seven -- -- I make. It's the -- -- what coming down but 35000 dollars will take it. In terms of the stars for example you mentioned. That Sandra Bullock has -- your jewelry before. How much money was she wearing when she -- your jewels. You know I can't specifically recall exactly. Bet the dollar but you know vigils and -- collection -- -- all the way to 300 out so I'm. It just depends on skis and and celebrities repeat where you know once -- sutra it's just so fun to come and and its -- it's very wearable art and he you know the red -- -- -- -- well. And so we we -- Warren are patently. So -- If I'm hearing you correctly Kelly you don't know exactly who's going to be wearing you this weekend but your fingers are crossed around some very names. Right and you know designer collection every year. To. Be. Rather than you know chasing that sprint are working and we -- -- since I need to create. So there was no trends this year that you're trying to create. Well. It depends on color you're free market and so you know that that's a lot of it is not only fashion design but also jewelry. And a lot of -- -- -- And as you can see you really -- statement hearing. Love it hate you so much Kelly we appreciate it best of luck we hope you win at the Oscars. Can't actually take you back country -- -- speech totally prepared.

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