Snow Storm Travel Delays: Flights Canceled

Weather causes delays, cancellations at airports in New York, Boston, Philly and Chicago.
3:00 | 01/03/14

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Transcript for Snow Storm Travel Delays: Flights Canceled
Air travel extremely challenging for millions today more than 3000. Flights already canceled or delayed. ABC's Lindsay Janice is at New York's LaGuardia Airport this morning with the very latest -- good morning. Good morning Amy here at -- we are really in the hearts of the travel nightmare normally behind me. You would see a line of people trying to get through security. Not today. The chaos really stretching from coast to coast with people spending the -- in airports. Overnight in Chicago you had passengers spending three to four hours on the runway after too many flights landed at midway at the same time. Here are the numbers yesterday 101000. Delays at nearly 3000 cancellations. This morning at more than 2000 flights delayed more than 15100. Canceled. New York area airports are faring the worst we've just got word that JFK is closed. -- Chicago and Boston. Following closely after that as the worst affected. Now with frozen temperatures and more snow on the way it could take days to untangle this -- -- -- definitely want -- -- with your airline before you had. To the airport David. He -- -- the jaws dropping in the studio 101000 delays -- last -- for hours that's unbelievable going to be a tough. Stay ahead the Chicago area of course one of the hardest hit cities nearly two feet of snow in some parts around the city and out of the snow. Has finally ended their it's the frigid cold we're talking about now on ABC's -- is has been in Chicago these last 24 hours do good morning. Good morning to -- Dave and I heard you asked that question how long. Does it take for frostbite the -- -- I'm wondering that right now we're talking about temperatures here at sold. Zero temperatures were talking about minus two right now we're talking about wind chills at twelve below zero take a look at all of the snow that has just been plowed here. A lot of the snow is light and fluffy just like you're seeing right now in New York -- ginger is. And that is also for all -- can be blown all over the place. And. This snow is going to be turning it would deep freeze over the next few days because now we're talking about temperatures sub zero temperatures next week Monday and Tuesday it is the first time in some thirty years that we're seeing temperatures like that here and -- needless to say. We are talking about possible school cancellations lots of activities already canceled in the area it's going to be holding me. Our idea of -- -- says we appreciate it thanks so much and speaking of the bitter cold. It's really sweeping the entire country temperatures plunging. And we will see some record lows let's go back to ginger in Central Park for the deet tails on just how cold it is going to get ginger. And that's the thing we've got shot a cold now and then I'll hold another one that could shatter records next week I wanna start you out with what's happening here here in Central Park it feels like to below and that has improved -- it's really. Not bad in this cold actually stretches all the way to the -- -- there are wind advisories this morning. As far south as Tampa where it feels like the upper thirties are around forty look at some of those numbers single digits in the southeast and wind chills in the teens. And then you go in the northern plains and even the numbers I really want to show you overnight lows where you -- 27. Below their from Minneapolis to what to wake up too early next week. And that is air temperature. That's clever talking about -- they possibly setting in within minutes of being outside. We'll talk much more about the nation's weather and yes I'll hold another snowstorm for Chicago to -- -- and other folks this weekend.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Weather causes delays, cancellations at airports in New York, Boston, Philly and Chicago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21408681","title":"Snow Storm Travel Delays: Flights Canceled","url":"/GMA/video/snow-storm-travel-delays-flights-canceled-21408681"}