Steve Harvey Talks New Book Live on 'GMA'

The Emmy Award-winner and bestselling author discusses his new book "Jump."
6:03 | 12/05/16

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Transcript for Steve Harvey Talks New Book Live on 'GMA'
There's no applause sign. That's coming from the het. That's genuine. I have real love for people. You are one of the hardest working people in showbiz. You give so much of yourself. Something you didn't know the cameras were rolling. You spoke from the heart. And almost 60 million people have seen this. Let's take a look right now. Eventually, you're going to have to jump. You cannot just exist in this life. You have got to try to live. If you're waking up thinking there's got be more to your life than it is, man, believe that it is. So this was just impromptu. There on your show. Speaking to the audience and that's what your book that's out today, "Jump," is based on? Yeah. When people see me live, I'm in the laugh business. So we spend the whole time laughing. But, before they walk away, I try to say something meaningful to people that they can hang their hat on. Because life ain't always funny. Everybody wants to be happy and successful. I figured that out, you know. I figured out how to do it from the bottom up. You know, with nothing, coming out of the dirt. And it's just a series of principles. Once you master the principles, you can become very successful and very happy with your life. And so, after that, I can't tell you how many people said, Steve, when do I jump? When I jump, what happens? When I take that leap of faith, what do I do? So I wrote the book. And it is so you. It is quintessential Steve Harvey. It's heart felt. It's funny. It is common sense. And you talk about how you have had 11 jobs. You flunked out of kept state. You livid in your car for a time. What, talk about those jumps that you made. I mean, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was waking up going, you know what, look, man, this can't be my life. There's no way god made me just to be this. I gotta do something. So October 8, 1985, I walked in the comedy club, I won amateur night, 50 buck. I went to work the next day and quit my job because I had found it. This is what I was born to do. I wasn't supposed to work in the factory. Nothing is wrong with it. I just wasn't supposed to. Not for me. When I took that leap of faith, it cost may lot. And, you know, I stumbled. I became homeless after awhile. Calm of other things -- not a couple, a half a million things went wrong. And then you look up today, a lot of stuff is going right. But it only gets to go right if you jump. That's what you have done repeatedly. And -- something that I have always appreciated about you. Reading your book, there is no such thing as failures. It's lessons. You talked about the lesson that you learned, the miss universe pageant and what happened there. I mean, that was crazy for me. That was, what had happened -- I had been asking god to increase my global persona. Because I have business outside the country pip was asking god to increase my global persona. After I said the wrong name, 48 hours later, my name had been googled 4 billion times. Careful what you parade for. I didn't appreciate the way he gave to it me, but -- But so good. You don't shy about talking about in the book. And you owned it. You owned up to it because of your Mo mama and daddy. They told me, we'll fix it tomorrow. It wasn't something I did on my own. I can read very well. I read and said what they told me to say. When it wept bad, I went back out there because the miss Philippines, she won't get her glory that night. I walked back out there. I didn't want to walk back out there. I have learned in facing your charges, they are not as daunting as they seem. You have a 21-day jump challenge where you want everybody to live the life they deserve. We have somebody here. You have a question for Steve? Yes, Steve, good morning. How do you make the jump from corporate America to starting your own business for those that want to do that? Here's the number one thing people have to understand. There's no perfect time, there's though perfect day, you can't wait until you get all your duction lined up in a row. There is no none of that. Sometimes the jump comes in the form of a push. You know, sometimes a company just come in and lay you off. Now you're in the air. You didn't jump, somebody came in and shot you off the cliff. So, I would say, look, when ever you geet the feeling that, look, there's got to be more. You have to go. It's not going to be perfect. It's not going to be. If it was a perfect time, we would all know when to do it. And don't think that people who are successful don't feel fear. Everyone feels fear. And -- God almighty. Everyone thinks it's so perfect. You just do it any way. I'm afraid a lot of times. I jump today. I'm afraid a lot of times. What helps me with the fear is now. When I feel like doing something, I do now. It don't give me time to worry about, figure out how it ain't going to work, cop out, get talked out of it. I just go now and get my clothes tore off a little bit until the wind get up turned parachute. We're going see you. Show time at the Apollo is coming back. Tonight. Yes, tonight. Tonight on fox. A two-hour special. Always wonderful. Our love to Marjorie. Thank you. You laid me out. Get the book. The book is banging, I'm telling you. Get the book. Take the jump. The book,

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"The Emmy Award-winner and bestselling author discusses his new book \"Jump.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43973144","title":"Steve Harvey Talks New Book Live on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/steve-harvey-talks-book-live-gma-43973144"}