Sports Superstitions and OCD

Paula Faris looks at sports superstitions and the mental disorder.
2:53 | 01/31/13

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Transcript for Sports Superstitions and OCD
Okay, sports fans. How do you know when your silly superstitions have turned into a serious problem? If your team will lose if you don't wear the right jersey or sit in the right chair. Sit in that chair right now because abc's paula faris is here with information you might need to know. Could you please turn your mugs. You wear your sportsat and team's jersey a certain way. But that superstition could be a sign of something more serious. ♪ Very superstitious ♪ Reporter: With the super bowl just days away, ads like this highlight that sports and superstition are synonymous. Who put the remotes like this? Reporter: In the film, "silver linings playbook," robert de niro plays a crazed football fan who needs his remotes a certain way. In "moneyball" brad pitt plays a person who thinks his presence is bad luck. And then, there's jason giambi and his gold thong, which he wore to bust out of a slump. Superstitious behavior can morph into something more serious, ocd. That affects 200 million adults, as seen in "as good as it gets. "But exhibiting ocd behavior doesn't necessarily mean in you have ocd. You can count steps. That doesn't mean you have ocd. Reporter: If you're like de niro's character, don't jump to conclusions. If it gets to the point where there's things you can't do because of those superstitions or the behaviors, you may be on the edge of ocd. Reporter: This is ocd. This is not. So, light 'em up, sports fans. And may the best team win. If you are exhibiting signs, make sure you see aspecialist. Signs of ocd, believe it or not, can develop as early as preschool age. It is diagnosed but a blood test. They found a link between strep throat and ocd. Which causes which? I'm trying to think who has the worst superstitions on the set? Robin. Robin does. She has rituals. She has rituals. And the rabbit rabbit thing. Let's get to the boards. We identify you, robin.

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{"id":18363786,"title":"Sports Superstitions and OCD","duration":"2:53","description":"Paula Faris looks at sports superstitions and the mental disorder.","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-2013-sports-superstitions-ocd-obsessive-compulsive-18363786","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}