Grumpy Cat Celebrates 'Guide to Life' With Search for Grumpytown, USA

The Internet's most famous cat dishes out cranky advice in her new book.
2:48 | 08/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grumpy Cat Celebrates 'Guide to Life' With Search for Grumpytown, USA
I'm inside with the guest I'm excited about. I'm not sure that the guest herself is very excited E we have the internet's most famous cat, the grumpy cat and she's got a brand-new book call ed grumpy cat to life." I have to say my wife and I love your cat. Love your cat. So there are lots of inspirational self-help books out there. This book, however, is a rich treasury of deep cynicism and anti-social sentiments. What is the message you were trying to get out to your readers? Basically grumpy cat is just trying to give some insight on how to live a grumpier life. Do you think this could be helpful. Absolutely. It's like the other side of the road. Everybody has a situation they need to respond to and this will help with that. So we've got some thought bubbles we want to have the grumpy cat fill us in on so these are some quotes from the book. Some items of wisdom for the book. So, for example, the grass is always greener. How would the grumpy cat answer that. Well, the grass is always greener where you don't have to share it with anyone else. Let's try another one. If life deals you lemons, what's grumpy cat's verdict. If life deals you lemons, throw them at somebody. And finally, to be or not to be, how does grumpy cat answer the shakespearean question to be or not to be. I think you know my preference. I think her face says it all there. Brian, you have a big announcement, well, I should say more specifically grumpy has a big announcement. What is it. We have room for another stop on our book tour. We're with chronicle books and they're hosting the grumpy cat town usa contest where fans can submit their online ideas to bring grumpy cat to their hometown with the #grumpytownusa. We have potential ideas. You can offer to throw a parade for grumpy. You can also offer to make grumpy a local photographer for your city hall. Maybe the mayor's personal photographer or the mascot of your local professional sports team and one final question, she had a cameo recently on "The bachelorette." Can you tell us about that. I think they had a frown comparison and I'd say grumpy won that. Between grumpy and and Dorfman. I would say grumpy wins that although andi's is not bad. We have to say before we let you go, the cat is actually quite sweet. She is. She is a sweetheart. Very friendly with strangers. I've been petting her all morning and pulling cat hair off myself. Thank you both very much for bringing the cat in this morning. We appreciate it and should say that "The grumpy guide to life: Observations by grumpy cat" is available and came out Tuesday. To learn more about the contest and see grumpy's crankiest advice go to our website on Yahoo! Coming up on "Gma," Oprah

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"The Internet's most famous cat dishes out cranky advice in her new book.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24877225","title":"Grumpy Cat Celebrates 'Guide to Life' With Search for Grumpytown, USA","url":"/GMA/video/tard-grumpy-cat-celebrates-guide-life-search-grumpytown-24877225"}