Teen Dresses in Suit to Meet Newborn Niece

A photo of Grant Kessler, 18, of Ohio, in his suit has gone viral, plus Kate Beckinsale discusses her role in "Underworld: Blood Wars."
6:30 | 01/05/17

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Transcript for Teen Dresses in Suit to Meet Newborn Niece
Welcome to all of you. A very special guest that she's here, she stole our hearts in serendipity. She's kicking some booty, this is her fifth underworld movie. Please welcome the one and only Kate beckinsale! How are you? You're so gorgeous. How are you? Don't forget this one. Shot that in New York in August. Let's talk about first impressions. What do you think about the first impression Kate just made? Yeah, we all know how important they are. Check out this guy from Columbus, Ohio, his sister tweeted this picture of her brother. Can we see it? There we go. Look at that man, dressed up in a full suit to meet his new niece. Wanted to make a good first impression for his newborn niece. Very sweet. It's been retweeted a million times. 300,000 likes. Grant Kessler with his little niece. I like that. Something about a newborn. There's just something about that little baby. Also, as an auntie and you can remember that first one. You remember them all. Did you get dressed up in. I didn't wear a suit. I was not in a suit but that was very special. We want the share with you, Kate, it's wonderful to have you here. And we saw -- We're very excited about the new movie. We can't wait to talk about that. We want to share something, that adorable, beautiful picture, so excited about your daughter getting an early decision to go to school. That's something people can really relate to. You're glad she'll be closer. She'll be quite far away but I plan on stalking her. You guys are very close. My daughter and I? Yeah, we get on really well. It's terrifying but now it's great I mean, surprised at the time to be perfectly frank but still a surprise. You're not going through any empty nest syndrome. No, because I had her quite young. She'll be actually here so we can all hang out. I'd love that. Come by and see us any time. This is your fifth movie. That's incredible. My fourth. The fifth in the franchise. Your first was back in 2003. This speaks to girl power. A woman director it's last TD throughout this time to have five installments. It's quite good. I feel really privileged to have that. It was a stretch for me. I hear you're not into action. Oh, really, people think I'm dying to jump out of buildings and things. I do it as much as I'm allowed to do it. Usually complaining but. Is it true you don't have a license? To drive? Yes. Yes, it's true and my daughter has. She drives you around? Driving miss Kate. Exactly. There we are. Oh, I think she's going K you not? Because I'm screaming as we go around the corner. We have a look at you in action. Want to take a look at the clip. Extremely difficult person to keep track of. Stop tracking me. I'm not tracking you. I'm looking for eve. I'm the very last person who can help you find my daughter. Listen to me, they're moving again. Now this is different. They're organized. They have a new leader. I'm finished with this. But it's not finished with you. Oh, gosh. Very much how I speak to my daughter. People, now when I see that scene of you on to motorcycle that's not you -- I'm not allowed to operate a vehicle. I'm allowed to shoot people and punch them in the face I'm just not allowed to drive anyone. How long will you be in new York, your favorite things to do? I love it here. So, no, it's lovely. I love the park. I really love going around the park and being in the village and seeing -- We love having you here. We're glad you're going to be here more often. Any time you want to come back and speak to us, listen to your voice because we're all like this -- you could read a telephone book and we would be like this -- Thank you, Kate. All the best to you. All the best to you and your family. It hits theaters tomorrow.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"A photo of Grant Kessler, 18, of Ohio, in his suit has gone viral, plus Kate Beckinsale discusses her role in \"Underworld: Blood Wars.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44570935","title":"Teen Dresses in Suit to Meet Newborn Niece","url":"/GMA/video/teen-dresses-suit-meet-newborn-niece-44570935"}