Tennis Officials Deny Match-Fixing Allegations

The Association of Tennis Professionals denied claims that players were being paid to deliberately lose matches.
2:29 | 01/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tennis Officials Deny Match-Fixing Allegations
Rebecca, thank you. To that scandal in pro tennis overshadowing the Australian open. Tennis officials are denying the allegations of match fixing and some of the sport's biggest stars demand answers. Ryan smith here with the story. The Australian open is in full swing but this scandal is dominating the headlines, even Serena Williams speaking out saying she was totally unaware of it and all of her opponents seem to play hard but now more stars on the hard court want to know exactly who has tainted their game. This morning, it's not the play at the Australian open garnering headlines, but the reports from the bbc and buzzfeed which allege that tennis authorities suppressed evidence of match fixing by players. Failing to investigate around 26,000 suspicious matches. This morning, the sport's top stars, roger Federer and Andy Murray speaking out. Wanting to know just who was involved. I would love to hear names, you know, then, at least it's concrete stuff and you can actually debate about it. It's bad obviously, you want to be made aware of the people that are, you know, potentially involved in this. Reporter: While the association of tennis professionals deny the allegations players were paid tens of thousands of dollars to deliberately throw matches. Buzzfeed said they have text messages that prove it. The evidence actually included 82 text messages that one of these players had exchanged with the ringleader of the Sicilian gambling syndicate. Millions and millions of bucks are bet on it and tennis is the easiest to fix because it involves one person. Reporter: Novak djokovic admitted someone on his team was approached in 2007 about throwing a first round match in exchange for $200,000. I was not approached directly and, of course, we -- we threw it away right away. It didn't even get to me. Reporter: He and other stars like Murray say it's hypocritical while players are coming under such scrutiny a major sponsor of the Australian open is William hill, a british betting agency where you can bet on the winner of matches, sets and games. That gambling sponsor William hill is not implicated in the scandal. They're saying their partnership is part of the solution to integrity issues, not part of the problem. How much gambling is there in tennis? According to aussie betting company tab corp $16 million were wagered on the Australian open on the first day, guys. Betting just on a game. It could be games, set, matches. That's part of the allegations here. Wow, okay, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"The Association of Tennis Professionals denied claims that players were being paid to deliberately lose matches.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36372356","title":"Tennis Officials Deny Match-Fixing Allegations","url":"/GMA/video/tennis-officials-deny-match-fixing-allegations-36372356"}