Terry Crews' quest to be a better man and loving husband

The NFL star turned actor discusses his memoir, "Manhood."
3:09 | 05/19/14

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Transcript for Terry Crews' quest to be a better man and loving husband
We are joined by NFL player turned film and TV star now an author, terry crews. You might know him as the spice guy. Now starring in "Blended a"alongside Adam sand ler and memoir "Manhood." Five years, 25 years marriage. A grandbaby. What it should be called "Terry crews was an idiot and how I survived." No, it's really just like all the mistakes I ever made. I'm trying to help a guy out. You know, please, men, I'm just trying to help you become -- Biggest mistake? Wow, it's in the book. I'll give you one. Here I am, a married man and I wanted a new car so moved my kids in with my parents so that I could get a new car. My wife and kids. That's view pedestrian. That's stupid. Legendary dumb. But it was -- I was in a different mind-set then. I was in a different place and as a young man you're very immature. I had to learn. You learn from that and you can learn from you. By the way you've learned a lot and your character is fantastic, you said he's like the Tom Jones of South Africa from the movie "Blended." Amazing -- I have to do this. It's in my contract. I do this every it five minutes. When did you realize you had that skill. I was 14, no girlfriends and wow, my pec move. The other pec moved and I sat there sadly. Dancing pecs and it works with the ladies. Well, no, that's why I was alone. But once I found my wife she was like, I like that. I'm going to keep you, I said. I know you worked with Adam Sandler before and drew bar barrymore together is movie magic. The first I saw them in was "50 first dates" together and I got feelings. I want them to be together. Heavy this magic that they always have and do the same thing in "Blended." You will laugh, cry, you will have a great time. Ki not wait. We have some questions from our viewers, Facebook, Bernie hicks on Facebook wants to know were you the class dloun growing up? Totally. I wonder where he got that from. I like attention. I'm one of those guys, I'm all into, you know, it's like once everybody is looking at me I know how to dance, I know how to do my thing. You see me shake it up my whole note on every report card, he needs to sit down. Yes, exactly. He's distracting the class. Another one quick from Steve. He asks, what was your reaction when you realized you were tapped to replace Cedric the entertainer as the new host of "Millionaire." How many more hats can you wear? I went back to when I retired from the NFL sitting broke and that was like 15 years ago sitting there watching Regis doing "Millionaire." I'm like, dude, I'm the host of "Millionaire" right there. Gitsing to be different. I want to call it "Billionaire" but the purchases wanted to shoot she. Terry, by the way, his book "Manhood" goes on sale tomorrow. Lots of good stuff in there and "Blended" opens this Friday, may 23rd. Coming up the stars of the

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"The NFL star turned actor discusses his memoir, \"Manhood.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23775580","title":"Terry Crews' quest to be a better man and loving husband","url":"/GMA/video/terry-crews-interview-2014-actors-quest-man-loving-23775580"}