Texas Family Embraces Co- Sleeping With Epic Bed Hack

Tom and Elizabeth Boyce designed a special bed that they share with their five children, ages one to 11.
3:01 | 10/14/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Family Embraces Co- Sleeping With Epic Bed Hack
you have probably heard of co-sleeping when a child sleeps in the same bed with their parents. We just heard of that. But what is co-sleeping? But there's one Texas family that's taking it to the extreme. They've got mom, dad and five kids all in the same bed. Wow. And they designed the bed themselves so they must have really wanted it. Melissa Rycroft has the story. Reporter: Meet the family from plane know Texas. They have a lot in common, a love video game, the outdoors and their bed? That's right. Parents Tom and Elizabeth turn to co-sleeping with five of their kids, ages 1 to 11 when bedtime became less about wining down and more of an uphill battle. You said this came because you guys always traveled together. I mean we've been on the road and so we're in one hotel room for one camper and so it's been a matter of everybody just sleeping in the same room so we come home and there are blankets and pillows all over my floor every single night and tripping over kids waking them up. Reporter: To make the new situation work Elizabeth came up with the ultimate bed hatch. Kind of feel silly because it's so simple. I mean I basically took the IKEA Kura beds and made sure each kid had some space of their own so hung little curtains and did little mood lighting and, you know, made it fun. Reporter: They say since they started co-sleeping about six months ago the family has gone from zero to 40 winks in no time and sleep experts say co-sleeping can work as long as everybody is catching enough shut-eye each night. I do think it's important for a family who's co-sleeping to have a reassessment every couple of months to make sure that it's really still working for you. To make sure everybody is sleeping well. That you're getting your couple connect time. Reporter: For those wondering -- now, I have to ask don't want to get too personal, mom and dad time is really important. Yes. Private time, quiet time. Obviously when you have five children in your bed, you lose a lot of that. So we just say there's always plenty of other rooms. Reporter: Elizabeth and Tom say they're flexible and if it stops working they'll make a change. I honestly don't see it lasting that long which is partly why I assembled it the way I did because I wanted to be able to break the bed as part. Reporter: For now they've got that woman feels like she mhtigurt H herself or possibly her baby needs in-hospital treatment. This is medical emergency. Get help right ay. Absolutely. Soisk factors here? Obviously a woman who has had depression or suffered with postpartum depression is at risk and in terms of why womenthis, we don't totally understand. Yes, there are profound Hor changes in the brain that occur in pregnancy and postpartum but this is also biochemical and I really encourage people think of this like blood pressure. Ifou Y hadighlo bod esprsure, you woulred tit atis.th so I N different.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Tom and Elizabeth Boyce designed a special bed that they share with their five children, ages one to 11.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34465547","title":"Texas Family Embraces Co- Sleeping With Epic Bed Hack","url":"/GMA/video/texas-family-takes-extreme-sleeping-34465547"}