Throwback Thursday: Peter Dinklage's Mullet

Michael Strahan reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat Index.
3:08 | 06/05/14

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Peter Dinklage's Mullet
Yes, I am. It's "Pop news" time, George. It's a perfect way to celebrate throwback Thursday. People can't get enough of this star, before he was famous. Peter Dietrich. How many of you have a picture like this? My hair looked just like that in tenth grade. This was pre"game of thrones." 1980s. And to get in on the fun, we asked people to send in throwback hair-dos on Facebook and Twitter. This is Lisa from 1989. Her kids insisted momma send this. I had this. This is called a mall clock. That's a mall claw. A mall claw. You're going to maul somebody with your hair. Or you just like to go to the mall a lot, because it's the '80s. And this is John from Houston. John had a mullet and a mustache. I think he still looks like that. I saw him last week when I was -- A modified mullet. And this is Mia. This is her "Saved by the bell" inspired do. Different colored earrings. That's kind of in right now. If we showed a picture of Spencer, he looked just the same. With or without the earrings. I'd like to have a bit more hair, though. Spencer, you look good. You don't age. You really don't. Thank you. I'd like to see a throwback. Charlize Theron, she turns a minor mistake into the best day ever for one pink berry employee. I'm talking about a $96 tip. The star ordered a minifrozen yogurt. Then, she realized she had no money. She promised to return. And she did not disappoint. She came back to the store. She settled the $3.75 tab, with a $100 bill. How nice is that. She left the change. You keep it. You talk about the best day ever. You got to see Charlize Theron twice. The tip -- That's nice to see her twice. She doesn't have to tip me. Just come visit. I'll be happy with that. And kecarrie Underwood was crowned the queen of country. But it's this moment that had everyone buzzing. It's a spoof of Solange and jay Z's elevator fight. The security camera caught what was going on inside. Luke Bryan and the boys are throwing punches in there. Look at that. It's heated. But as they exited the elevator, they told her, what happens in country music, stays in country music. Don't mess with country music. All right. Well done. It's the jay z/solange, is that ever going to die down? No. At least not for another week. And that is "Pop news"

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{"id":24005313,"title":"Throwback Thursday: Peter Dinklage's Mullet","duration":"3:08","description":"Michael Strahan reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/throwback-thursday-peter-dinklages-mullet-24005313","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}