Tiffany Haddish scores book deal, 2 movie roles and comedy tour

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:20 | 11/16/17

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Transcript for Tiffany Haddish scores book deal, 2 movie roles and comedy tour
So that shooting star you saw on the horizon, oh, that is Hollywood sensation Tiffany haddish. Oh, my. Yes. This woman first stole the show in the movie "Girls trip" last summer. She did it again last weekend as the host of "Saturday night live." Well, this morning we're learning that the 37-year-old is going to be in two huge movies "The kitchen" which is about the Irish mafia. Set here in New York in the '70s and then she'll star in a female-driven comedy called "The temp" helmed by some of the same people who helped her break out in "Girls trip." Also has a book coming out called "The last black unicorn" coming out in December. I hear she's coming to "Good morning America" and she's also going on a comedy tour with all of her free time. Next year. It has the perfect title "She's ready". Oh, she is ready and she is ready. So much going on. When she was here to promote the movie, I mean, she is so Grew up in foster care. Everybody loves an overnight She's been at it for a long time and worked really hard for it. You have to do the air quotes for overnight sensation. In "Pop news," the know the fooled again." Great tune. That's the goal, maybe not the roo he at for some iPhone X users. This video is amazing. It's gone viral posted by concerned parents. It shows their 10-year-old son doing an experiment with the new iPhone X's face recognition security system. So this is my mom's phone. As you can see this is off. And I'm going to unlock the phone using this handsome face. Tah-dah. It's unlocked. Uh-oh. Faces are so similar. He through the dab on the end. I liked it. With this handsome face, so apple says there's only one in a million chance that someone can break through that security barrier. Looks like that cute little boy is truly one in a million. You know, Halle berry was visiting me recently. Halle berry and took my phone and was able to unlock it once again. Once again. You know what, robin, Halley. Halley, put my phone down. Kate Hudson, don't touch my phone. You do -- you guys really do look alike. Thank you. I love you. Hey, finally in "Pop news" this morning, this driver gets an "A" for effort trying to fool police emphasis on fool. He made a license plate using a cutout from a pizza box and a magic marker. Oh, honey. Police arrested him and posted on their Facebook page, uh, here's a little advice to those appearing to make their own license plate, number one, don't. That's good. That's good. Number two if you do, make sure not to use cardboard from a pizza box and magic markers. Thank you, officers.

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{"id":51193807,"title":"Tiffany Haddish scores book deal, 2 movie roles and comedy tour","duration":"3:20","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","url":"/GMA/video/tiffany-haddish-scores-book-deal-movie-roles-comedy-51193807","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}