Tim Kaine Reacts to DNC Speech, Vice Presidential Nomination

Sen. Kaine tells "GMA" about his Donald Trump impersonation in his DNC speech and the unity of the Democratic Party.
6:49 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Tim Kaine Reacts to DNC Speech, Vice Presidential Nomination
Not surprised by that at all. Joining us, the democratic candidate for vice president of the U.S., senator Tim kaine. Congratulations. Thank you, robin. We were here until like midnight. Didn't get much sleep. Here we are again. Here you are. I was struck by what you said yesterday after all your years of public service, mayor, lieutenant governor, governor, senator, you said that you never expected to be here. Yeah, yeah. How did you get here? Well, my mom and dad are here and they're still stunned that they got somebody in politics in the family. My dad ran an ironworker's shop in the stock yards of Kansas City and grew up in the Kansas City Royals and chiefs and what went on at school but not politics but my parents' strong faith background made me a real believer in helping others and that was after 17 years of civil rights practice in Richmond, that kind of, you know, just was my path into politics and that was 22 years ago so I've been at all these levels. I can't keep a job. I just keep switching titles but I really, really have enjoyed it. A great way to serve and just met spectacular people along the way. You had a lot to say last night. I had a lot to say. You acknowledged Bernie sanders. Yep. And what is it going to take because there are still his supporters who having a very difficult type, a lot of protests so how are you able to and secretary Clinton able to reach out to them. I have kind of a perspective on this because I was a big Obama guy in '0 and then was part of the team to try to bring everybody together and get the Clinton supporters on board with the Obama supporters and pull all of us together. I actually think where we are now, we're farther ahead than we were eight years ago in getting people to unity and secretary Clinton has done a good job at this. Hillary and Bernie have done well and Bernie was really, really good Monday night, I thought and, look, the Bernie supporters I know, I mean, look and Bernie sanders, they understand who Hillary is and they understand that Donald Trump is a threat to everything that they care about. So I feel like we're in real good shape and you see the way the arc of this convention has gone, it started off with some turmoil and churn but there's been a direct arc to unity Cagle and awareness that the stakes are I and we have to pull together to win. We are seeing that arc. You have your supporters, especially in the senate. On both sides of the aisle but you also have your critics who feel that you are too -- are not Progressive enough that when you ran for governor ten years ago that you ran as a conservative on social issues. Some, some. On some. This is what you said in one radio ad. I'm against same-sex marriage. I'm conservative on personal responsibility, character, family, and the sanctity of life. These are my values and that's what I believe. Do you still see yourself as conservative on some social issues? You know, on marriage equality I got to fetell you, in my first year as governor my legislature decided to put one of those same-sex -- marriage is between a man and woman issue on the ballot and the more I listen to it the more I realize I can't be with them. They're trying to make the state a hostile place for people I care about so I campaigned against the marriage amendment in '06 and been over on the side of, wait a minute, we scant discriminate against people. I'm a Progressive in the south and that may be different than being a Progressive in Vermont or a Progressive in Oregon. But my career as a civil rights lawyer for 17 years against the death penalty which is tough to do in the south. I'm really happy that the democratic platform this year calls for getting rid of the death penalty. I'm really happy about that but I think what Hillary said when she called and asked if I would be her running mate, she said, look, you're a Progressive but a practical one and want to get things done. My goal is to help her, at Q, win, then help her have a spectacular presidency and I've been a number two. I've been a lieutenant governor to a great governor mark Warner and dnc chair supporting a great president, president Obama, so I know how to be a supporter and I know how to be an advocate for somebody. And to help her with Donald Trump. You're not shy about -- No, not at all. Early on in your speech and, can we just show a little of the impersonation you did. My horrible imper nation. He has a way of saying the same two words every time he makes his biggest hugest promises. Believe me. It's going to be great. Believe me. We're going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, believe me. I don't think "Snl" will be calling any time soon. No, I don't think so. That wasn't your intent. He's H some words to say about you. He's called you a political hack and say you're not very popular. Wait a minute. You're missing the best one. Yesterday he said I was a lousy governor of New Jersey. He's right. I was never governor of new Jersey. I was governor of Virginia but basic civics, 50 states. You have to give a guy a break who's only been in politics the last few months and not that well informed. How do you respond to some of the things? Look, some of it is comical. Some of the things he says about me, my response is, quote, yawn, closed quote but this is a -- it's a dangerous race. It's an existential choice for the country about do you want to bring torture back? In Virginia we care a lot about religious liberty, Thomas jeffersonson, James Madison, people should be able to worship the way they want and not be preferred or punished. When he says we'll change after 240 years and start punishing people because of their religion, and if it's mormons or muslims this week it could be mormons next week. We have to fight to beat him. Your religion is very important to you. How has your catholic faith, how has that affected you as a politician? Well, my mom and dad are here, they're 81 years old and just kind of brought us in a real traditional, you know, love god, love your neighbor as yourself. Not too complicated but a took year off in law school to work with jegs wish missionaries and met the hero, both the jesuits and students in this little vocational school that I helped run and their parents and taught me about faith and action and faith as a solace against the slings and arrows of life that we all experience. Faith, family and work as you said last night. It's funny. Those were the values of the place where I worked, and those are American values. I see them all over the country, the Latino population in Honduras and new American population today they live -- Mucho ygracias. The latest firestorm by

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"Sen. Kaine tells \"GMA\" about his Donald Trump impersonation in his DNC speech and the unity of the Democratic Party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"40953371","title":"Tim Kaine Reacts to DNC Speech, Vice Presidential Nomination","url":"/GMA/video/tim-kaine-reacts-dnc-speech-vice-presidential-nomination-40953371"}