Tips for Purchasing Backup Batteries for Your Devices

Experts says the cheapest backup battery option may not always be the best choice.
3:16 | 12/18/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tips for Purchasing Backup Batteries for Your Devices
I have this happening to me more and more now, that panicked feeling because it's happening like every day when your phone battery is about to die. Yeah, I know, what are you going to do? ABC's Becky Worley joins us with a solution to that digital dilemma. An exclusive reveal of the top picks in backup batteries for your phone. Take it away, Becky. Reporter: Amy, you are so right. There is no worse feeling than having 10% left on your phone and knowing you have to be connected. So, bring in the battery backs. They are flooding the market so consumers can recharge on the go but choosing the right one is a lot more complicated than you think. So we put them through their paces to help you stay charged. A dying phone, ah. Products like these can save the day, but with brand names you may never have heard of coming in all manners of shapes and sizes how do you decide? Enter mark from gadget website, the wire cutter. Batteries, they're all the same. Just buy the cheap one. No, absolutely not. Reporter: Mark breaks them up into categories by physical size and factors and many things including cost, shape and features. Is that a light? In a lot of these they do throw on a little flashlight. Reporter: "Gma" teamed up with cadex electronics in the battery testing industry to put up 17 different ones through a test. This is the cadex 7400-c battery analyzer to test the capacity. Reporter: It looks to see how much of the batteries' listed capacity meaning the amount of available charge on the box is delivered. Gary tests three of each model then mark analyzes the results an make his top picks. In the credit card size if you need a few extra hours on your phone, the amazonbasics portable power bank currently listed for less than $5 or this incipio offgrid, $40 for iPhones and the small pack, the size of a deck of cards giving you two or three full charges, the easy ACC power bank is the top pick at $17. And while much of your bg decision is based on how you plan to use the battery. It depends on what you really need. Reporter: The real power in picking one of these is doing your homework and buying one that's been tested and reviewed. We posted all the information on our website, on Yahoo! But here's the deal. The best backup battery is probably the one you have charged and with you so enter battery cases. You keep them on your phone all the time. When the phone charges, the backup battery charges too, set it and forget it. Apple just announced their version last week, the cost $99. Now, our friends over at the wire cutter say that this anchor battery case is also a top pick at just 40 bucks. Amy, I know you have to be a pho phoneaholic in this job so merry Christmas. Oh. It makes the phone so heavy but you like it, George. Oh, George. That's right. George has anger management problems. No, his phone is too heavy. That's the problem. I got a good 85 in there. All right. But it's weighing, what, like a ton of bricks in your pocket. I hate it. Too heavy for me.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Experts says the cheapest backup battery option may not always be the best choice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35838328","title":"Tips for Purchasing Backup Batteries for Your Devices ","url":"/GMA/video/tips-purchasing-backup-batteries-devices-35838328"}