Tom Bergeron on His Final Season of 'AFV'

The host extraordinaire talks about leaving "America's Funniest Home Videos" and the 10th anniversary of "Dancing With the Stars."
4:41 | 04/09/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tom Bergeron on His Final Season of 'AFV'
As can you see we're here with Tom Bergeron. You know him from "Dancing with the stars," "America's funniest home videos." We love having him here. You may notice a new prop. We'll try something different and we're concerned about it but we're going for it. This is called the reverse button where Tom, you are allowed to reverse the interview at any point so we're going to interview, standard style and if you want to, you hit the button then you can ask us a question. Go for it. Here that bell you get to ask the question. That's the first prop they've had me use today that I like. It's like the 19th one. Yes, it is. Really. You got to talk about "America's funniest home videos." Do you know what the staying power is? I think it's just humor. It's slapstick is eternal. You go back to what I used to love, silent film comedies with Chaplin, et cetera. It's done with your neighbors and the baby stuff and the animal stuff and they are so good. In the 15 years I've done the show and wrapping up my tenure sooner so good at packaging that even in an age of youtube and still making it relevant. Really, you guys did it before anybody else and we all owe you thank you. Can I tell you it's a little creepy to have big pictures of you staring out like -- Well, we happen to love you. So do your colleagues that you did mention. I can't believe this is it for you on "America's funniest -- in this is it. I'm going down. Do we have the picture from Twitter. Your colleagues -- Oh, that's right. Tom, was it something we said? No, you know, it just felt like at 15 years of doing it that it was time -- I was telling Dan during the commercial break, he goes why are you leaving. I want to get nervous again and that was one of the key things. You're, what, ten years into "Dancing". Our tenth anniversary. Is it true you almost turned it down. I did, well, because and my agent at the time said, ABC wants you to do a summer series and you're going to do it and I said, well, what is it. She said it's live and you love live. Said, okay. What is it. She said it's a big hit in England. I said, what is it. I said, you got to promise to look at the british show before you answer. What is it? Yeah, and I said, okay, that's fair. You know, I'll look at the british show. What is it. She said it's celebrity ballroom competition. I said, seriously and it has been one of the great gifts of my career. I bet. I still to this day live TV like this, like "Dancing" is what I most enjoy. And I don't know if everybody remembers but you actually hosted "Gma" for a short time. Yeah, back in '97. That's my agent. Laughing. Yeah, for -- Look at you. Oh, my gosh. Look at that. Wow. Much darker hair. What do you miss most about it? Well, you know what I love and I love about this format is that you have to be very quick on your feet. In that sometimes like in the first hour of the show is more of a news focus and then you get into, you know, talking to hosts of dance shows. We only have a minute. So if I'm going to do this -- What's your favorite thing about me? You just saved us from the perils of the reverse interview by asking that question. That was perfect. Yeah, well done. I'm happy to answer that. What's your favorite thing about you? Sitting next to Lara. Oh. Wow. How nice. Do you trust him? Implicitly. Really? Yep. He's the best in the business. That's true. That's true. Reversing back. Okay. Back to you now. What do you hi is happening on this season of "Dancing with the stars" in terms of the chemistry in terms of all that you've seen in seasons past? Well, I really like -- I mean, it's a wonderful group. We're into the part now as we get to the halfway point where every time we say good-bye to a couple it's going to be hard. Because we've really got a sort of the cream of the crop here. You know, they're always game when they come in but you can tell the disappointment is really will. I was on the flight actually with Michael and PETA Monday night and, yeah, we were talking about that and, you know, they had just done a really good dance and to have to say good-bye right after that was disappointing but that's the way it works. We have to say good-bye now. We do. There's one --

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"The host extraordinaire talks about leaving \"America's Funniest Home Videos\" and the 10th anniversary of \"Dancing With the Stars.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30174149","title":"Tom Bergeron on His Final Season of 'AFV'","url":"/GMA/video/tom-bergeron-final-season-afv-30174149"}